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Refund & Cancellation

REFUNDS & CANCELLATION POLICY applicable for all interfaces of cloudtailor (mobile applications, digital mediums, social websites and applications, CloudTailor and other company owned websites and offline order fulfilment centres (stitching operations centres)

The details of the customer opted and custom-made products, services or product specifications (weight, stitching seam strength, colours and tints, handwork details, sizes and measurements, etc.) as mentioned on Cloud Tailor digital / online mediums (All company owned and related Mobile applications, Digital Online Websites and Company owned social mediums – hereby collectively referred to as ‘Cloud Tailor Interfaces’) and offline fulfilment centres are only approximate values as they are custom fit measurements and may differ based on fabric quality and specifications.

The usage of any and all of the ‘Cloud Tailor Interfaces’ at any point of time, warrants your acceptance of the latest terms in this disclaimer, the clauses of which can change from time to time, due to any updates operational or regulatory requirements.

Products, services or product specifications on ‘Cloud Tailor Interfaces’ are designer styled, hand designed and made, hand crafted and accessories may be hand-picked from various parts of India and other parts of the world, as feasible from time to time. Due to the intricate nature of the products available on our website, including the options to design your own fashion designs and getting them stitched through the ‘Cloud Tailor Interfaces’, we make sure that what you see is as close to the real thing as possible. However, due to the online nature of the custom-designed and custom-fit workflow of the order and the related interactions and engagement model of our mobile app and offline stitching/costume fabrication services, there may be variations in the colours of fabrics, dyes, designs, prints or embroideries of the image you see on your monitor and the actual product. The customer agrees to this fact of variation of color, texture, fabric and cloth stretch, shape or nature of the fabric, threads, accessories due to the online nature of all such transactions on CloudTailor interfaces. The outcome of the dress and garment at Cloud Tailor is dependent on various factors including the skill of the workers and the clarity of the communication between Cloud Tailor and the customer pertaining to the details of the order conveyed through the digital manner of its communication, acceptance and execution.

This is due to the nature of fabric dyes, variations in sizes due to the inherent fabric specification variations (such as stretch/variations and sag), whether at the time of manual stitching of your ordered item, dyeing and other differences in display outputs due to lighting, digital photography, color settings and capabilities of computer monitors.

Refunds on products and services provided:

  1. Since each garment ordered with Cloud Tailor is completely customized to the measurement, style preferences, look and finish as opted and referenced by the customer to the best information of the staff / partners at Cloud Tailor, refunds will not be permitted on the orders once placed. Hence the garments are made to stitched fit as per the desire and need of the said customer, to the extent possible by Cloud Tailor.
  2. Please call our customer support team at +91 80 6900 7900 for any queries related to your orders. Our process audit team will decide on the outcome of the issue analysis and the customer will be notified on the same.
  3. Refunds, if any and due to any issues found attributable to CloudTailor team after due clearance as per the grievance redressal clearance process at CloudTailor through the customer support team, will only be in the form of Gift Vouchers. The process of issuance of Gift Vouchers usually takes 7-10 working days from the management approval date. The value of such gift vouchers will be limited to Rs. 2,500 OR actual cost of items (whichever is lower), irrespective of the value of the order placed including the costs of materials involved.
  4. No cash / online refunds will be issued at any time.

Terms for Cancellations of orders:

All orders placed by the customer can be cancelled, except for the following scenarios:

  1. The order has been placed with the Fulfilment center for processing
  2. The fabric for the order has been washed/ironed/cut/stitched
  3. Work on the order has already begun which includes any form of stitching, cutting, fashion designer designing and other such activities related to the order
  4. In all cases of ambiguity, Cloud Tailor reserves the right to decide the possibility of cancellation of the order from case-to-case basis

In such possible cases of cancellation of orders, where permitted as per clauses above, Cloud Tailor reserves the right to reimburse the amounts pertaining to the advance amount collected till such time, except for the cost paid for fabrics, transport, logistics and other incidental charges expended to service the order till such time.

Cloud Tailor will consider a refund only in the following case:

If the fabric supplier(s) who provides the fabrics on Cloud Tailor’s own platform, as a third-party service, has a Fabric return policy and the respective fabric supplier accepts the return or refund as per their own fabric return and refund policies. The time frame for such a grievance to be reported will be commensurate to the fabric provider’s own prescribed return and refund policies.

In such possible cases of cancellation of orders, where permitted as per clauses above, Cloud Tailor reserves the right to reimburse the amounts pertaining to the advance amount collected till such time, except for the cost paid for fabrics, transport, logistics and other incidental charges expended to service the order till such time.

It is to be noted, that if the Fabric provider doesn’t accept the return or replacement of the fabric, Cloud Tailor will not be able to make any such refund or replacement at its own behest at any point of time.

Terms for Replacement and Alterations:

  1. If Cloud Tailor misplaces any fabric or garment, then the liability of Cloud Tailor is limited to the replacement of the monetary value of the fabric OR replacement of the similar fabric, subject to sufficient proof of purchase value of the fabric is provided by the customer.
  2. If the customer is not satisfied with any of the garment's design or fitting, and the customer intends to cancel the order, the liability of CloudTailor is limited upto to INR Rs. 3,000/- only or the refund of the stitching charges component of the pricing, whichever is higher. In case of the fabric cost being included as a part of the refund, the garment will be retained as CloudTailor property for further audit and quality purposes.
  3. Any alterations to the size of the dress is provided free of cost if the customer walks into any of our centres and the dress / garment has the required cloth available in the stitched seams for such alterations to be possible.
  4. Alterations will always be for a size / measurement change as mentioned in the above clause and will not be for any style change or change in any main style of the garment. Eg: Making a full sleeve into a sleeveless blouse, will not be termed as an alteration.
  5. The customer confirms that she/he has taken precaution to ensure that the measurements for each personalised fashion order has been submitted and mentioned in the app with due caution and verification.
  6. In cases of outstation orders (where Cloud Tailor doesn’t provide a pickup and delivery service), any alterations beyond a 7-day timeline (from the date of delivery of the finished garment) will need the customer to bear the shipping costs for the alterations to be done at the nearest Cloud Tailor centre.
  7. Any pickup and delivery service for any alterations beyond the 7-day timeline in pincodes served by Cloud Tailor for pickup/delivery service from time to time,, will be charged extra as per the charges decided by the management of Cloud Tailor from time to time. Customer can avail of such paid services at their known discretion.
  8. Any items or orders stitched at a discounted cost while applying a coupon code or discount code are not refundable under any circumstance.

You can email us at: or call our call center at : +91 80 6900 7900 for any queries regarding these terms.

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