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Ever wished your favorite outfit came in 'just right' for you? Step into our world, where we're not just tailoring outfits; we're your fashion partners. Say goodbye to standard label sizes because here, it's all about YOU, whether it's custom lengths, stylish pockets, or the perfect fit, we've got your back, no standard sizes attached. Best part? If you are in short of time, we will stitch and deliver your outfits in 72 hours!

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Going to a tailor is a nightmare for me because I’m a working professional and a mother of a toddler. That’s when I was introduced to CloudTailor! And I was thrilled with the service because who would have thought of tailoring services online? This is a blessing for all working mothers and also pregnant women. I got a blouse and a ready-to-wear saree stitched from CloudTailor, and oh I love it. Makes it so easier to wear a saree and looks so stylish.

- Amira

Swara Rao
Jyoti Suhag

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