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shipping and delivery

What are the places you ship to?

We ship domestically all-around India and internationally to the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai. You can enjoy customised dress designs from all these countries anytime by ordering using our CloudTailor app.

Do you ship outside India?

Yes, we ship internationally to the US, UK, Australia and Dubai. All you have to do is download the CloudTailor app and make an account. Then, enjoy custom tailoring from all these countries at any time with our app.

What are your shipping charges - National and International?

We levy a nominal handling charge depending on your location.

Can I ship orders to multiple addresses?

Yes, you can ship dress designs to multiple addresses. Please ensure you provide the correct addresses while ordering and ensure the details are correct.

I’ve placed my order, but I want to change the shipping address. Can I do it?

Yes, you can change the shipping address. However, you should do it before the dispatch of the order. Unfortunately, once the tailoring order has been dispatched, we cannot make any changes to the shipping address. Please make sure the address provided is the correct one.

How long will it take for my product to get delivered?

We dispatch the product from our centre in 5-7 business days. After that, it depends on the proximity of your city. You can track your stitching order on the courier partner’s website to stay informed about when your order will be delivered.

How can I track my delivery?

You will be able to track your tailoring order on the courier partner’s website. You can check when your product will be delivered using the tracking link

I got a damaged packet! What should I do?

Please raise a request. Our customer service team will assist you with the next steps. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can apply for a full refund or ask our tailors to recreate the dress for you if your outfit is damaged

Can I cancel my order ?

Yes, you can cancel your tailoring order if it hasn’t reached our master. Once it gets to our master, we cannot cancel. We will notify you at every step. Please contact us regarding the issue. We would be glad to solve it instead of you having to cancel your order.

Will all my tailoring orders come in the same packaging? Is it sturdy?

Yes, we will deliver all of your products in the same packaging. We make sure the packaging is secure and sturdy so that your beautiful dress designs do not get damaged while shipping

When can I start tracking my tailoring order?

You can track your tailoring order from the moment you place the order. We will notify you at each step of the procedure.

I need my custom outfit in less than 3 working days. Is that possible?

Please reach out to us on our customer service team and we will try our best to accommodate your request.