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Guide to Stitching Clothes for Your Little Ones

When it comes to your little ones, custom tailoring online like CloudTailor can give you the best outfits. So from minute little things like making them comfortable in the clothes they wear, it is quality over everything. Babies are very delicate and become the centre of your world, and rightfully so. But on the other hand, babies are susceptible, so there is a practical side to selecting fabrics and materials to prevent rashes and infections.

Getting custom tailoring online clothes for your baby is a beautiful way to get the right style, fit and comfort. You can buy soft fabric in various colours and prints and get them stitched to perfection.

Using the custom tailoring online option, you can make sure your baby's clothes have ultimate comfort and are cute and stylish at the same time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Materials to Use When Stitching Clothes for Your Little Ones


Material is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to stitch clothes for your baby. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while picking fabric to sew clothes for your child is that it has to be soft and comfortable.

Additionally, you don't want the cloth to be clingy, slick, or too thick, as the material should be breathable. Not only should the material withstand multiple rounds of washing, but it should also be sturdy towards wear and tear from playing and tumbling. However, you could play around with richer materials like silk, satin, and velvet for occasions.

Lastly, it must also dry fast. With the speed at which babies change clothes, the pieces must dry fast or else you might need an infinitely large baby wardrobe.


Lawn cotton


Generally, the best material for making infants' clothes is cotton. It checks all the boxes- comfort, absorbency, breathability and sturdiness. Organic cotton material is an excellent option as it is eco-friendly and does not use any chemical-based dye. So not only has your baby made you a mother, but they also make you a conscious and ethical customer. In addition, you contribute to our weavers' growth and sustain our local economies.

But there are about 90 types of cotton, and some may pill heavily after the first wash or become rough and irritate the baby's skin. Lawn cotton is a lightweight, 100% cotton material with a high thread count. It is super soft to touch and dries very quickly, as it consists of excellent thread. This material is also great for adults, and you can even have a mother-daughter same dress design with this fabric.




Light fleece fabric is an excellent option for infants' winter clothes. Fleece should be used as an alternative to wool as it is moisture-wicking and maintains the body's warmth. Unlike wool, fleece is easier to maintain since it is machine washable. Additionally, it also dries quicker. You can use this fabric to make swaddle blankets or jackets.




Muslin is a cotton material obtainable in numerous weights – from extremely thin to moderately thick to even coarse. The thin muslin is excellent for stitching baby clothes, especially if you live in hot and humid places. You will not find a more breathable material than this.

Use this 100% pure cotton material for swaddle clothes, burp cloths and stylish summer dresses. (This fabric is a great choice for lining and petticoats to wear underneath dresses).


Handkerchief Linen


Handkerchief linen is a beautiful, super soft, lightweight and semi-sheer type of linen. The material has a subtle texture on its surface. With this fabric, expect the elegance of linen but with a gentle feel. A cotton and linen blend will avoid all that natural wrinkling to linen. As it is very lightweight, this material is ideal for stitching dresses with gathers, pleats, and smocking without the unwanted bulk.


Should You Get Custom Made Clothes for Your Kid?


Custom made clothes are the best option when getting clothes for your little one. With custom made options, you are at liberty to pick a fabric that checks all the boxes mentioned above. Additionally, the fit of the clothes is also essential as babies grow up very fast and sizes change frequently. Since all babies are not the same, getting custom fit clothes for your unique angel is the best bet for getting comfortable garments. Furthermore, getting clothes stitched is very easy. Especially with custom tailoring online, you can get clothes stitched and delivered from the comfort of your home.


What Kind of Clothes to Get Stitched?


There's nothing cuter than a tiny human in fashionable outfits. If you are enthusiastic about fashion, you might want to put your child in the best styles.Look online for new dress stitching design and you will find there are so many garments you can stitch for little ones. From little girl dresses, onesies and rompers to blouses, pants, little skirts, and shorts there are plenty of options. You can also twin with your kid by getting a custom mother-daughter new dress stitching design.

Pick the material wisely, whether you want comfy, stylish clothes or mother daughter's same new dress stitching design. Plus, whichever material you select, never stitch clothes for children without pre-washing the material. Pre-washing is done as a habit by tailors as preparation before stitching to remove most of the chemicals, most likely on factory-made textile.

Choose a custom tailoring online option to build an adorable wardrobe for your baby (and you) that everyone will love. Choose your new dress stitching design wisely.

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Gown : Gowns can be customised to different occasions and have been assigned different names as per its function.

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Kurta/Kurti : Today, there are no set rules for a kurta or kurti. This versatile garment can be paired with salwars, churidars, skirts, ghagras, shorts or jeans. The kurta is sometimes worn as a skirt, clinched at the hip with a belt to add structure. Your Kurta style can be customised and stitched by Cloudtailor to fit your body perfectly. You can also twin with your little one by wearing the same style of kurtas. Twinning creates a solid bonding moment with your little girl and a great photo opportunity for everlasting memories.

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