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Second life to old Sarees making it trendy outfits

Give A Second Life To Your Saree By Upcycling it for Sustainable Style

With Environment Day around the corner, it is a reminder for all of us to adopt sustainable practices in every aspect of our lives, including fashion. We embrace this ethos by showcasing the art of upcycling sarees into versatile and trendy outfits. If you have sarees that you hardly use and wish to give them a second life, here are 5 different ways to transform a saree into a beautiful outfit. 

Saree into a Lehenga

Discover the magic of turning a saree into a mesmerising lehenga. By carefully reusing the saree's fabric and incorporating creative design elements, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind lehenga that blends tradition with contemporary fashion. The upcycled lehenga will allow you to celebrate special occasions with style while also reducing your environmental footprint. The stylish Swati Gandhi, a Fashion Influencer, has transformed her Mom’s beautiful saree into a lehenga with us. 

Saree into a Dress

Transform your beloved saree into a beautiful dress that reflects your individual style. Our designers can help you reimagine the saree's fabric to create a stunning dress with intricate details and a perfect fit. One of our customers had a pink saree, and we transformed that into a stunning gown. Another influencer, Veekshitha Gowda, transformed a saree into a casual dress. Embrace the elegance of the saree while enjoying the comfort of a dress.

Saree into an Indo-Fusion Outfit

Unleash your fashion imagination by transforming your saree into an Indo-fusion outfit that beautifully merges both styles. Hyderabad’s first travel-shopping blogger, Sneha Polapragada, got a unique fusion dress designed and stitched by CloudTailor. Our fashion designers can work with you to craft a unique ensemble that combines the elegance of the saree with modern silhouettes, resulting in a stunning fusion of cultures. 

Saree into a Salwar Suit

If you prefer the comfort and convenience of a salwar suit, we can repurpose your saree into a stylish and comfortable salwar suit. With our expertise in tailoring and design, we can adapt the saree's fabric to create a custom-made salwar suit that fits you perfectly and highlights your personal style. 

Saree into Crop Top, Trouser, and Suit

Wondering how this is possible? It of course is! your old saree can be repurposed into a trendy crop top paired with matching trousers or even transformed into a sophisticated suit. This upcycling technique not only breathes new life into your saree but also allows you to create a modern and unique ensemble. Anjali Verma is slaying this look, you can take cues from her look and get one tailor-made for you!

Leftover Fabrics into a Floor-Length Dress

Sustainability extends beyond upcycling sarees. Even the leftover fabric can be used to create a stunning floor-length dress. By incorporating different colours and textures, we can craft a unique and eco-friendly dress that complements your fashion sensibilities. Check out our process for transforming leftover fabrics into floor-length dress.

Celebrate Environment Day while embracing sustainable fashion choices. With CloudTailor, you can consult our fashion designer and transform your sarees into crop tops, trousers, suits, dresses, lehengas, indo-fusion outfits, salwar suits, and more, from the comfort of your home, and that too according to your size and style. Let's join hands to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment, all while looking fabulous and expressing our unique style.

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