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Bridal Fashion Trends 2022

As we approach 2022, life is edging back to normalcy, with most things, including weddings regaining their glory and extravagance. However, there is still a limitation on the number of guests, and the venues are cosier. Therefore, more attention goes to the bride's outfit.

Being a bride is one of the most memorable experiences in your life, and you want your lehenga to be perfect, just like the rest of the wedding. You want your customised lehenga to fit your style, shape and the ideal image of the one you have been planning in your head for years. However, at the same time, you also want it to match the trends that are going on right now. We (and custom tailoring online) have got your back!

This article lists the latest bridal lehenga designs in 2022 that you can recreate by using custom tailoring online services to match your style.


Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs in 2022


For the Traditional Bride


Red Lehenga


Reds in bridal lehengas continue to rule with classic supremacy. So does the tradition of wearing a double dupatta. Brides sure are exploring different trends in lehengas. Still, when designing a customised lehenga for their special day, many are taking the conventional route.


Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs in 2022 




Loads of can-can net stuffing beneath your customised lehenga add a fairy-tale aesthetic and flair to a traditional lehenga. This princess look is something you want on their special day, especially if you love extravagant, lavish and elaborate styles. You can opt for custom tailoring online services to get the right size, weight and design.




This lehenga trend is perfect for certain events' looks - like the main wedding ceremony customised lehenga or Mehndi dresses. Getting a heavy can-can may not be ideal when you have to move around. For a sangeet or engagement ceremony, it's best to pick a flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon with a lot of shimmers in the form of mirror work, sequins, and metallic work. That way you can move around and be part of the celebrations planned around you. You have ultimate comfort and the satisfaction of enjoying every moment to the fullest. The best way to get the style and weight as per your preference is to opt for custom tailoring online service.




Red Lehenga


Loads of can-can net stuffing beneath your customised lehenga add a fairy-tale aesthetic and flair to a traditional lehenga. This princess look is something you want on their special day, especially if you love extravagant, lavish and elaborate styles. You can opt for custom tailoring online services to get the right size, weight and design.


For the Minimalistic Bride


A-line Lehengas


If your style is casual and easy and you want that to reflect in your lehenga, consider clean lehenga designs and routine lehenga cutting. The classic lehenga style that touches the floor and has an A-line flare is perfect for you. However, if you'd like to add a touch of something offbeat and trendy, go for it in your wedding function looks, like Mehndi dresses or Sangeet dresses. This way, you can test the waters while also playing it safe.


Sweeping Trail


A sweeping customied lehenga trail is another trend to think about for a casual yet elegant look. It can give a beautiful princess vibe without looking over the top. This design is gorgeous, and the top trend out of all the latest bridal lehenga designs 2022.


For the Boho Bride




If you are a boho girl and boho chic is your desired aesthetic, the pastel lehenga trend is for you. Anushka Sharma debuted her pastel pink bridal lehenga, and pastels considerably expanded lehenga trends. Apart from pastel pink, other pastels like blue and mint green became a hit and aren't backtracking. So there will be loads of pastels in the 2022 spring and winter wedding season.


Colour Coordination


A pastel lehenga is spectacular for brides sporting a romantic, boho-chic look. You could also synchronise with your groom, with him dressed in an ivory sherwani and Safa the same colour as yours or vice versa. The pastel coordination looks impressive in pictures, as we saw with Virat & Anushka.


For the Party Bride




Like the party bride, the technicolour lehenga trend is fun, exciting and lively. Not only is this trend retro and nostalgic, but it's also artistic in many ways. With this glistening metallic lehenga, one thing is for sure; the attention will be on you and you, only making you the life of the party that is your wedding.




If you want to stick with some traditional lehengas for the main day, try opting for these for your Sangeet outfits or Mehndi dresses. During the day events, however, you can add a touch of swag by wearing cool sunglasses along with your lehenga. This contemporary look fits the party bride perfectly.

These latest bridal lehenga designs 2022 are glamourous and stylish, making you look beautiful on your big day. The ceremonies surrounding the big Indian wedding, from Mehndi dresses to Sangeet and Haldi, demand different outfits. So depending on your style, get whichever one steals your heart custom-made with custom tailoring online. This way, you get a say in every step of the creative dressmaking process and every last detail so that you can own the design.

The design will evolve with hopes and dreams, colouring your vision and imagination. The involvement will show through your outfit. So go, girl and get uniquely gorgeous on the most special day of your life.

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