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Look Expensive on A Budget

Do you want to dress like a million bucks but think you can't because you're on a budget? Looking expensive on a budget is not an impossible task when you have the help of custom-tailoring.

When you wear clothes that you love and fit you well, you have confidence and look gorgeous. You don't have to spend a fortune to look like you spent a fortune. You can look expensive even while working on a budget. All you need is your style, attitude, and a little help from tailors.

Do you have trouble getting dressed, let alone putting outfits together? Don't be worried. The below list will help you get started on how to look expensive on a budget and make you feel your best every day! So, let's dive in.


Wear Sequin Dresses


All that glitters is sequins! A sequin dress is a form of art. The glittering fabric is what makes the dress look so elegant. It is one of the best and easiest ways to look expensive on a budget. It gives you a red carpet feel as soon as it touches your body.

You can easily find them in stores, shops, malls, or even custom tailor it by your designs or remake a celebrity look. Sequins will give a glamorous look when paired with the right pair of footwear.


Utilise Laces and Frills


You can also go for dresses with laces and frills by customising them in your style and fit. Lace gives a simple and classy look to your graceful dress. On the other hand, frills add some bounce and texture to your otherwise formal dress.


Replace the Buttons of Your Outfit


Replace your plain plastic buttons with something more opulent, such as metal, bone, or mother of pearl. You may even acquire them from old clothes that you no longer wear. But, there's no reason to be worried about doing it yourself. Most tailors will charge a few bucks for such minor modifications.


Utilise Neutral Colours


There is a place for bold colours in your wardrobe, of course! However, using neutrals is one of the best tips for dressing expensively on a budget for appearing smart and trendy.

Accent your clothes with black, navy blue, beige, grey, white, subdued green, brown, or taupe. Neutrals never go out of style. So, you won't need a lot of pieces in your wardrobe and can easily style with bold and bright colours if you want.


Pay Attention to Fabrics


Fabric speaks a lot about the quality of the clothing. Some fabrics look more and more luxurious than others. Next time while choosing fabrics, go for natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, linen. Natural materials are sustainable and durable, making the clothes last longer and better for your budget.


Go for Net Design Dresses


Net dresses have got their charm, and they look incredibly gorgeous. When worn, net material is very delicate and gives off a feminine impression. The peek-a-boo aspect of net fabric is one of the reasons why net kurta is so popular among Indian ladies. The net material is also easily accessible and can be custom tailored the way you like. It never goes out of style and so fits in the budget too.


Don't Forget about Shoes


You can build a whole outfit around shoes. Also, you can ruin a fabulous look with the wrong shoes. Keeping your shoes in good shape is another way to look expensive on a budget. Make sure you polish them and keep them in good condition.

Treat your shoes with water sprays to protect them from rain. Looking after your shoes also help extend their life, which is good news for your budget because you often won't need to replace them.

Tip: Opt for pointed-toed shoes for a longer, leaner look. Pointed-toed shoes lengthen your legs and create the impression that you are taller than you are.


Create Something New with Outfits You Already Have


If you have a lot of loose garments, you may experiment with them to make unique ensembles. For a flattering style, mix and match flowy and structured pieces. You can go for an oversized sweater with fitted trousers. Try wearing a day dress with a tailored blazer. You can even pair a jumpsuit with a plain white tee to give it a whole new outfit look.


Quality over Quantity


Buy fewer quality pieces over plenty of cheap clothes. However, being on a tight budget should never be used as an excuse to buy low-quality apparel.

First and foremost, never buy too many clothes at once. Second, don't be enticed by ostensibly exceptional deals. Instead, save your money and only get the clothes that will last you long. Finally, keep a few occasions in mind and gradually build your wardrobe to look distinctive.


Elevated Accessories


Another way to look high value or expensive is by starting with your accessories. With a well-coordinated purse, you can't go wrong. Whether you splurge on a new one or stitch a botua, it can always elevate your look. In addition to that, you can always go for a chic scarf, sunglasses, statement jewellery for a significant upgrade to any outfit.

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10 Tips to Elevate Your Style

Elevating your style is extremely simple. However, looking stylish and put together doesn't always mean wearing the latest trends. Nor does it mean spending money on designer brands. It can be simple traditional wear like plazo dress or sharara dress. You can amp it up by experimenting with material, cuts and accessories.

The best thing about style is that you get to experiment and play around with it. And looking chic, classy and well-dressed, and feeling good about your attire can be as simple as putting on a well-fitted jacket over an all-black outfit. In addition, you can level up your style by making simple changes to your basic everyday outfits with some easy styling tips on how to elevate your style mentioned in the article below.


Tip 1: Invest in Good Quality Basics


When trying to elevate our style, you need a few essential pieces: good-quality jeans, a plain black and white t-shirt, the classic LBD, a well-fitted jacket and some shoes like open-toed sandals, stilettos, boots and platforms. Of course, you can wear these items differently to put together a look. For example, you can wear the same jeans with a Kurti or a blazer. However, change your shoes, change your makeup, and have an effortlessly distinctive look. Since basics make or break your whole look, it's essential to invest in good pieces.


Tip 2: Dress for Your Body Type


Learning to dress for your body type is a life-changing moment. You look far more polished and elegant when you're wearing clothes that work together to flatter the specific body type you have. For example, a plazo dress looks good on an inverted triangle body type. In contrast, bodycon dresses flatter an hourglass body type. So you must know what works for you and what doesn't. If you are in doubt, use an app to try out a style virtually. See how it looks on you. And voila- you have your dream dress.


Tip 2: Dress for Your Body Type


Learning to dress for your body type is a life-changing moment. You look far more polished and elegant when you're wearing clothes that work together to flatter the specific body type you have. For example, a plazo dress looks good on an inverted triangle body type. In contrast, bodycon dresses flatter an hourglass body type. So you must know what works for you and what doesn't. If you are in doubt, use an app to try out a style virtually. See how it looks on you. And voila- you have your dream dress.


Tip 3: Accessorise Accordingly


An effortless way to spice up a plain and basic outfit is by adding a few accessories to it. If you like sticking to classic outfits, you can indeed experiment with accessories and add elements of whatever is on-trend. It is a safe way to be trendy without going over the top. Even a boring t-shirt and jeans outfit could be fashionable with the correct accessories. Try playing around with bags, shoes, jewellery, or hair accessories the next time you get dressed.


Tip 4: Befriend Your Tailor


Often you come across excellent deals on a piece of clothing, only to find out that it's too big on you. If it's too big, too lengthy or too bulky, you can always bring it to a tailor who can alter it to perfection. Having a good tailor who understands your body type can make the most significant difference in the fit of your clothes. Consider custom tailoring online to get your clothing altered quickly and easily from the comfort of your home.


Tip 5: Dress in Monochrome


An effortless way to look stylish and classy is dressing in the same tones. It means that your top, bottoms, and outerwear fall in the same colour tones. It can immediately make you look like a million bucks without putting too much effort into determining which colour goes with which.


Tip 6: Your Undergarments Matter


What you wear under your clothes makes a big difference in how the clothes appear on you. Your undergarments must complement whatever you wear so that there are no visible bra straps or panty lines. Additionally, if you can, invest in some shapewear that isn't super restricting. Nude undergarments go with anything and everything, but stay away from bright colours like pink, blue or even black as these can peek through clothes and look odd.


Tip 7: Incorporating Culture


When dressing up in Indian traditional outfits like a plazo dress or sharara dress, add a touch of the culture that they represent. For example, a plazo dress or Patiala suit would look great with jhumkas and braided hair. Similarly, a sharara dress would look great with a bindi, bangles and loose curls.


Tip 8: Always Wear Steamed Clothes


Wearing ironed or steamed clothes can take your outfit from looking unkept to fabulous within minutes. Admittedly, it is annoying and time-consuming, but it does make a difference. If you despise ironing, invest in a hand-held steamer or, for the most significant life hack, spray a wrinkle-release spray on your clothing and witness the magic happen.


Tip 9: Makeup, Hair and Nails etc


Elevating your style and outfit to look put-together and stylish won't be enough if your hairstyle does not suit you or your makeup is too loud. If you ignore grooming, your overall appearance is unkept. Maintain your hair, wear makeup that complements you and the outfit and pay attention to small details like the condition of your fingernails and toenails. Whiten your teeth and wear a good perfume to be on top of the game.


Tip 10: Embellishments


You can elevate a basic item, be it a little black dress, or a traditional plazo dress, from boring into something gorgeous by adding a few embellishments. For example, adding a zari border to a traditional cotton flared skirt can look beautiful and formal. Likewise, adding rhinestones to a simple sharara dress can make it go from party wear to wedding wear.

Remember, your style expresses your personality, so have fun and be creative.

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ETHNIC WEAR Customised White Floral Dress

Top 10 ethnic wear ideas for all occasions

The exciting part is we adopt all customs and festivals throughout the year. Due to our openness to diverse cultures we’re always figuring out ways to make festivities vibrant and fun. Of course, a part of all the joy of a festival or auspicious occasion is the beautiful ethnic outfits and jewellery we get to wear and we often find ourselves typing “ethnic wear online” or looking for custom tailoring online options on search engines.

Indian traditional clothing is rich and diverse, fun and modern. With so many occasions, you can run out of options to look distinguished based on the season, timings, and individualistic taste. You don't want to be over-dressed or under-dressed, nor do you want to repeat your outfits. Using custom tailoring online services you can get the style and size, customised to you.

We have listed ten ethnic wear ideas for every occasion.


1. Mix and Match- Kurta and palazzos


This is an essential ethnic dress, perfect for a not so formal occasion. For Holi, an engagement ceremony, or a baby shower, wearing a fitted kurta over flowy palazzos gives you a pretty silhouette and an overall chic look. Go for classic colours like white, yellow, red and beige if you want to keep it low key. Choose magenta, dark green, and blue shades for something vibrant. You can pair this with jhumkas, pretty bracelets and jutties. You can look for ethnic wear online or talk to expert designers at CloudTailor who’ll help you get the outfit you love.


2. Show-Stopper Blouse


Make your blouse the centrepiece of your outfit for occasions where you want to try something new. Instead of repeating the same styles every festival, every saree day and every wedding, create a collection of backless blouses or ones with a halter style or spaghetti straps. Bejewelled blouses with diamantes and shimmer could also be party wear- ethnic dress if you pair it with a long skirt. In the case of a saree, please keep it simple by pairing sheer saree like mesh, tissue, and chiffon sarees with a blouse. Light sarees help the blouse stand out. Check out ethnic wear online or use custom tailoring online service.


3. Shararas


You can trace sharara suits to the influence of diverse cultures like Turkish, Moghul and Islam on our contemporary fashion landscape. However, they have changed over the years and are manageable, fluid, and stylish in their current avatar. The party wear ethnic dress includes widely flared bottoms, a short kurta, and a matching dupatta. Shararas are exquisite and suit special occasions where the intended look is youthful and lively. They can be paired with different types of jewellery from jhumkas to studs and footwear from heels to wedges. You can look for ethnic wear online or talk to expert designers at CloudTailor who’ll help you get the outfit you love


4. Heavy chunni


A glorious Kantha stitch work chunni or an embroidered embellished chunni can also be a central piece to your outfit. It is a great way to amp up simple looks and aim for elegance. Additionally, you can wear them to add a pop of colour to a monotone outfit. You can wear these with various traditional wear from kurtas to lehengas. You can go for a chiffon or net chunni with stone embellishments if you like a thinner texture. You can find inspiration from ethnic wear online and custom tailoring online ideas from the CloudTailor app.


5. Simple A-line Kurtas


Simple A-line Kurtis are ideal for regular days and cosy occasions like a homely pooja or visiting the temple. The cut and style of these Kurtis flatter all body types and graceful addition to personalised style. You can wear these with leggings, jeans, or churidar pants. When paired with jeans, go for pastel tones to double up as elegant workwear or college wear. If you want to glam it up a bit, opt for silk kurtas in vibrant colours and pair them with embroidered pants.


6. Patiala Suit


Dabble with fun colours and floral patterns with Patiala suits. These salwar suits are the perfect party wear ethnic dress option and look good on everybody. The outfit includes a fitted Kurti and loose pants with closely stitched pleats towards the bottom, sinching in at the ankles. They come in various materials and styles. Plus, they are a must-have for casual and festive occasions depending on the fabric. Style them with a braid and lots of bangles in lac, glass and a medley of colours, with dark eye makeup and a nude lip for a classic desi look. You can look for ethnic wear online or talk to expert designers at CloudTailor for custom tailoring online option.


7. Lehenga


Dabble with fun colours and floral patterns with Patiala suits. These salwar suits are the perfect party wear ethnic dress option and look good on everybody. The outfit includes a fitted Kurti and loose pants with closely stitched pleats towards the bottom, sinching in at the ankles. They come in various materials and styles. Plus, they are a must-have for casual and festive occasions depending on the fabric. Style them with a braid and lots of bangles in lac, glass and a medley of colours, with dark eye makeup and a nude lip for a classic desi look. You can look for ethnic wear online or talk to expert designers at CloudTailor for custom tailoring online option.


8. Anarkali


This look is a traditional gown version with a long flowy top. Easy to style and perfect for Wedding, Diwali or a baby shower, they make you look classy and shapely. Wear your hair down with a bejewelled clip along with some heels to show a bit of your ankle and add an illusion of a few more inches.


9. Crop top with traditional print


This modern look is a bit on the edgy side of formal wear. However, it looks great with a pair of palazzos or a classic skirt. Team with a traditional bag to make it more ethnic.


10. Ethnic jackets


Jackets are traditional, rarely spoken about, yet unique and add a different dimension to vintage and classic look. They go perfectly with a kurta over a saree and what you get is a look that embodies oodles of confidence. Pair them with open-toe stilettos and black kohled eyes, and you get an ethnic look with a punch of power.

With traditional clothes, getting them tailored to your taste is a great choice, so that is something you may consider. With these options, you will never be out of ideas for the next traditional get-togethers you have to attend. You should check out custom tailoring online on the Cloud tailor app for a perfect fit and a dress that is perfect for you!

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INDIAN WOMEN Beautiful Models

Recreating the Look of 10 Iconic Indian Women

Some Indian women across generations continue to mesmerise us when we think of iconic women. What is it that they do differently? Do they wear clothes that any other woman does not wear? They make whatever they wear look distinguished. They know what suits them. They are also highly confident women, and their beauty is not only external. The beauty radiates from within. These are the style icons who continue to rule our hearts, for how they have always inspired us.

When you wear clothes that you love and fit you well, you have confidence and look gorgeous. You don't have to spend a fortune to look like you spent a fortune. You can look expensive even while working on a budget. All you need is your style, attitude, and a little help from tailors.

Do you have trouble getting dressed, let alone putting outfits together? Don't be worried. The below list will help you get started on how to look expensive on a budget and make you feel your best every day! So, let's dive in.


1. Gayatri Devi


How can we not pay homage to Gayatri Devi when talking about style icons? She was the queen and embodied grace, culture and elegance. Most of the photographs show her favouring pastels and neutral colours. She wore sarees and western wear based on what the occasion demanded with equal dignity. She made the jewellery stand out. Pieces from Cartier, pearl, diamonds and heirloom jewellery seemed even more beautiful when she wore them. The chiffon saree with a blouse or trench coat, her hairstyle and dark sunglasses embodied everlasting class. Gayatri Devi was a trendsetter, and we will admire her signature look forever.


2. Rekha


Rekha's heavily embroidered ghagra and anarkalis, which she paired with heavy jewellery, continue to look stunning. She aced the simple bindi, kajal, and braided hair look. She also could look powerful, sultry and playful. A nation obsessed with complexion, Rekha made dusky the epitome of beauty. She understood her strengths and focused on Indian textiles and earthy shades that complimented her frame.

To recreate her look, opt for knee-length kurtas, fitted churidars, traditional kanjivaram saree with half sleeved blouses and pair them with gorgeous jewellery. Start by stitching a white kurta or white churidar using a custom tailoring online app or website, invest in heavy silver jhumkas, wear your hair lose and voila- that's vintage Rekha for you.


3. Indira Nooyi


The 2018 Westchester Global Leadership Laureate Award was presented to Nooyi (Hillary Clinton was the 2017 award winner). She reminisced about her career and the white shirts while wearing a sheath dress in solid Bordeaux red with a matching bolero jacket and a simple necklace and earrings. She revealed a stunning leaf-shaped belt only as she stepped away from the podium. Her accessories, as CEO, complements her stature. This ensemble was a nice change of pace. It became legendary because it was a departure from her regular sarees, pantsuits, or skirts.


4. Sushmita Sen


Sushmita disclosed on the TV show Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai that the gown she wore for her Miss India finale was sewn by a local masterji working out of a garage. The fabric was purchased from Sarojini Nagar, a Delhi flea market.

"We didn't have enough money to go on stage in expensive gowns; we were meant to wear four different outfits." We were middle-class individuals who were well aware of our limitations. 'So what?' said my mother. They won't be looking at your clothes; they'll be looking at you.' So we proceeded to Sarojini Nagar Market to do some shopping. A local tailor who produced petticoats worked downstairs in the garage. 'This will be on TV, so do a good job,' we told him as we handed him the material. My mother created a rose out of the remaining cloth, and he built my winning gown out of it," she explained.

You can get your gowns designed from an online tailoring app that employs hundreds of tailors. So it is easy to look as iconic as Sushmita Sen.


5. Priyanka Chopra


We love a good power-suit moment. Immaculate stitching and plunging neckline made Chopra Jonas' white pantsuit powerful and bold in an appearance on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. Priyanka Chopra knows how to pair her attire with her dazzling smile, whether her 'Desi girl' moment or Met Gala. The ultimate 'it girl' is bold, a woman of the world, and her sense of fashion breaks the glass ceiling.


6. Sudha Murthy


Murthy has a few traditional Ilkat sarees that she inherited from her mother. She also flaunts some hand-me-downs from her two sisters. She is a proud owner of a few Benarasis, Paithanis, Orissa silks, delicate cotton from Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh handlooms. She likes a saree that designer Ritu Beri gave her from her collection as a gift.

Murthy keeps her sarees relevant by changing how she wears her blouses. Most of her sarees come with two blouses, one in the same colour as the saree and the other in a different colour. However, she recently discovered the allure of wearing blouses with traditional Kalamkari motifs and Kolkata's well-known cotton blouses. She says that they elevate her sarees a notch or two.

She dons many hats: a thinker, a philanthropist and a writer. We love her simplicity and values, making her one of the admired women in contemporary India.


7. Lata Mangeshkar


Lata Ji is remembered for her plain-coloured saree. A pallu tucked on her shoulder and a crimson bindi on her forehead. Her sarees occasionally sported pastel colours, such as lavender, or she wore cream or off-white sarees to add a hint of the current to her classics. Her wardrobe was brimming with the best handloom sarees, ready to be worn for any occasion. A modest bindi, diamond earrings (sometimes gold or silver), a gold chain, a wristwatch, and well-pleated hair were all part of her characteristic look.

The Nightingale of India ruled our hearts for decades. Her voice personified truth, honesty and innocence. Her signature look was an embodiment of purity, class and understated elegance.


8. Mira Nair


Mira Nair wears a wide range of Indian attires. Like her films about India and its cultural nuances, she prefers to dress in silk Salwar-Kameez, Anarkali suits, and kurta-churidar instead of formal Western clothing. Her favourite textiles were silk and cotton. Despite popularising urban Indian attire, she has rarely been spotted wearing a sari on the red carpet. Her favourite colours vary. However, she seldom wears any accessories other than a pair of earrings to accessorise her outfits. She knows how to play up her eyes and lips with the perfect makeup to enhance her features.


9. Arundhati Roy


Arundhati Roy's sense of style is inspired by Indian ethnic fashion sensibilities and emanates ease and simplicity. Her basic dressing sense and fashion preferences are simple cotton and raw silk kurtas, cotton sarees, and long flowy gowns with floral designs on pastel backgrounds. In addition, she favours solid-coloured Kurtis or shirts with loose-fitting slacks or skirts. Arundhati Roy's favourite saris are basic cotton saris with simple blouse designs.

She is usually seen in solid hues such as black, red, mustard yellow, green, blue, or grey. However, she occasionally wears a brightly coloured dupatta or scarf to brighten her ethnic ensemble. She also likes to mix colours and experiment with opposing shades of orange on pink or red on pink. However, she doesn't follow rigorous rules for matching blouse colours with sari colours. Her fashion sense is eclectic and resonates with the fiery personality that we love about her.


10. Shabana Azmi


Shabana Azmi's sarees, salwar kameez, and other outfit combinations show that she is a woman who takes pride in her appearance.

"Fashion is something that comes and goes," she says, "and we should not be easy victims of fashion; instead, we should build our own style." And style is not the same as fashion in terms of ephemerality. People might acquire the confidence to establish their own style within themselves. And, of course, no other garment in the world compares to the saree."

Shabana Azmi transitioned easily from Art films to commercial cinema. As an actor, the suffering wife in Arth, the young victim in Ankur or the Diva in Amar Akbar Anthony, Azmi, created a pathway for future actresses. People looked at actors like her from a new lense.

We salute these women for continuing to inspire us always. Their personalities and sense of style have touched us in many ways.

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10 Easy to Follow Fashion Trends Under 2000

Staying up to date with trends can seem tricky as they change every season. Every season, buying a whole new wardrobe can create quite a dent in your wallet. However, it doesn't always have to be that costly. The key lies in choosing trends that are easy to follow by getting custom stitched clothes with custom tailoring online to stay ahead of trends.

Another easy idea is to switch your wardrobe with the trends by recycling the old clothes you don't wear anymore. Not only is this a big step in supporting the livelihood of tailors, but it's also easy on your resources. For example, you can recycle an old saree and get some new Kurti stitched. Innovate and get frock designs stitched, or you can recycle an old pair of jeans into some trendy cut off shorts. The potential is limitless; hence we have listed the top 10 easy to follow fashion trends under 2000.


Y2K Trends


It has got to be one of the biggest trends of 2021 and 2022. In the past couple of years, the nostalgic vibes of Y2K have been seen everywhere, from the runways of top designer brands to Instagram reels and TikTok. Low rise jeans bootcut, halter tops, chunky jewellery, and many other trends from the 2000s are making a comeback. The best part about this trend is that it's the most affordable trend to follow. You can stitch clothes and alter them a bit to fit the aesthetic.




Wearing your gym clothes out and about is a trend that started with "that girl" TikTok last year and is here to stay. The comfort, the sturdy body shaping material and the pretty designs and colours available in athleisure are plenty. This trend becomes affordable to pull off when you consider the multipurpose use of your outfits. You get a gym outfit and running errands outfit in one, and if your style is sporty, then bingo


Baggy Jeans


The skinny jeans are long gone, and all people are wearing nowadays is the baggy boyfriend jeans. The loose and comfy jeans look good on each body type and are simple to style with crop tops. They are called boyfriend jeans because it seems as though you have worn your boyfriend's jeans. Using that idea to our knowledge, you can recycle your boyfriend, your brother's or your dad's jeans by altering them at the waist and the length. With custom tailoring online, you can have dad jeans or boyfriend jeans without spending a ton. Those with a casual style will adore this trend.


Scarf Tops


This trend is pretty self-explanatory. Tying a scarf strategically around your torse so that it turns into a cute tube top with a V hem has been trending massively. You don't need to spend a fortune to follow this trend. Get yourself a few scarves, watch a YouTube video on the multiple ways of tying it, and that's it. You can use sarees and chunnis and take inspiration from the cloudtailor app to


The Short Design of Kurti for Comfortable Fashion


As the years go by, the short design of Kurti is coming back in style. Pair it with jeans, kohl, eyeliner and danglers to recreate the look of Indian celebrities and influencers. By altering the long Kurtis you don't use anymore, you can have a short design of Kurti that matches the trends without having to go shopping again. Even buying attractive fabric and getting it stitched is an excellent option to consider


Puffy Sleeve Frock Designs from the '90s


Sleeves have been a significant trend in the past years. However, the puffy sleeve is trending this year, especially on frock designs. This frock design gives off a young, playful, and fun vibe that you can quickly achieve by customising it with affordable fabric. Those with a girly style will fall in love with this trend.


Monochrome Matrix with a Twist


Putting together a monochrome outfit isn't that hard, especially when it's an all-black or all-white outfit. You may already have these pieces in your wardrobe and now pairing them together is trendy and chic. So if that's your style, you will rock this trend. However, this year the trend has embraced other colours, like purple, pastel, reds and yellows and have gone beyond the conventional whites and blacks. Use monochrome to rock a pantsuit or pencil skirt, shirt, or elegant salwar suit in silk. Either way, you will look gorgeous.


Blazers and Beyond


Blazers are no longer for business school students only. Layering it with a blazer is a trend popular on reels and TikTok. If your style is preppy, you will love this trend. A blazer will also last you a long time and be an essential part of your capsule wardrobe when it comes to interviews and office attire.


Kaftans and Fun with Colours


This trend is highly comfortable and elegant. You can wear the knee-length or the maxi length ones. Look for colourful and vibrant flowing material that falls nicely. It has been a huge trend to tie your hair by twisting it upwards in a big claw clip. Try kaftans in pastel and bright pink, orange and green shades and matching claw clips to look like a diva.


Kurta-Palazzo for All Occasions


Kurta-Palazzo is a big trend for those who like a blend of comfort and effortless elegance. Customize dress to use floral and geometric patterns together to bring in the sense of an eclectic feel. Stitch different Kurtis using different handloom material in indigo, yellow, white and bright red. You can keep the palazzo in a neutral shade or customize dress to flaunt your style. Bring in a touch of individuality by wearing a sleeveless waistcoat on the kurta or using a shawl or a chunni to bring in more colour. Recycling old jackets to design waistcoats by custom tailoring online or making chunnis out of old sarees is a great way to look sophisticated.

All over the world, recycling is a buzzword. So it makes sense to customize dress and recycle your old sarees and kurtas to stay ahead in the fashion game. The fundamental difference between a stylish woman and one who follows the trends blindly is imagination. A stylish woman imbibes the trends but brings her individuality in carrying herself and making the regular look special. So with custom tailoring online, be HER, customize dress and explore the hidden creativity lurking inside you.

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Guide to Stitching Clothes for Your Little Ones

When it comes to your little ones, custom tailoring online like CloudTailor can give you the best outfits. So from minute little things like making them comfortable in the clothes they wear, it is quality over everything. Babies are very delicate and become the centre of your world, and rightfully so. But on the other hand, babies are susceptible, so there is a practical side to selecting fabrics and materials to prevent rashes and infections.

Getting custom tailoring online clothes for your baby is a beautiful way to get the right style, fit and comfort. You can buy soft fabric in various colours and prints and get them stitched to perfection.

Using the custom tailoring online option, you can make sure your baby's clothes have ultimate comfort and are cute and stylish at the same time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.


Materials to Use When Stitching Clothes for Your Little Ones


Material is one of the most important things to consider when you decide to stitch clothes for your baby. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while picking fabric to sew clothes for your child is that it has to be soft and comfortable.

Additionally, you don't want the cloth to be clingy, slick, or too thick, as the material should be breathable. Not only should the material withstand multiple rounds of washing, but it should also be sturdy towards wear and tear from playing and tumbling. However, you could play around with richer materials like silk, satin, and velvet for occasions.

Lastly, it must also dry fast. With the speed at which babies change clothes, the pieces must dry fast or else you might need an infinitely large baby wardrobe.


Lawn cotton


Generally, the best material for making infants' clothes is cotton. It checks all the boxes- comfort, absorbency, breathability and sturdiness. Organic cotton material is an excellent option as it is eco-friendly and does not use any chemical-based dye. So not only has your baby made you a mother, but they also make you a conscious and ethical customer. In addition, you contribute to our weavers' growth and sustain our local economies.

But there are about 90 types of cotton, and some may pill heavily after the first wash or become rough and irritate the baby's skin. Lawn cotton is a lightweight, 100% cotton material with a high thread count. It is super soft to touch and dries very quickly, as it consists of excellent thread. This material is also great for adults, and you can even have a mother-daughter same dress design with this fabric.




Light fleece fabric is an excellent option for infants' winter clothes. Fleece should be used as an alternative to wool as it is moisture-wicking and maintains the body's warmth. Unlike wool, fleece is easier to maintain since it is machine washable. Additionally, it also dries quicker. You can use this fabric to make swaddle blankets or jackets.




Muslin is a cotton material obtainable in numerous weights – from extremely thin to moderately thick to even coarse. The thin muslin is excellent for stitching baby clothes, especially if you live in hot and humid places. You will not find a more breathable material than this.

Use this 100% pure cotton material for swaddle clothes, burp cloths and stylish summer dresses. (This fabric is a great choice for lining and petticoats to wear underneath dresses).


Handkerchief Linen


Handkerchief linen is a beautiful, super soft, lightweight and semi-sheer type of linen. The material has a subtle texture on its surface. With this fabric, expect the elegance of linen but with a gentle feel. A cotton and linen blend will avoid all that natural wrinkling to linen. As it is very lightweight, this material is ideal for stitching dresses with gathers, pleats, and smocking without the unwanted bulk.


Should You Get Custom Made Clothes for Your Kid?


Custom made clothes are the best option when getting clothes for your little one. With custom made options, you are at liberty to pick a fabric that checks all the boxes mentioned above. Additionally, the fit of the clothes is also essential as babies grow up very fast and sizes change frequently. Since all babies are not the same, getting custom fit clothes for your unique angel is the best bet for getting comfortable garments. Furthermore, getting clothes stitched is very easy. Especially with custom tailoring online, you can get clothes stitched and delivered from the comfort of your home.


What Kind of Clothes to Get Stitched?


There's nothing cuter than a tiny human in fashionable outfits. If you are enthusiastic about fashion, you might want to put your child in the best styles.Look online for new dress stitching design and you will find there are so many garments you can stitch for little ones. From little girl dresses, onesies and rompers to blouses, pants, little skirts, and shorts there are plenty of options. You can also twin with your kid by getting a custom mother-daughter new dress stitching design.

Pick the material wisely, whether you want comfy, stylish clothes or mother daughter's same new dress stitching design. Plus, whichever material you select, never stitch clothes for children without pre-washing the material. Pre-washing is done as a habit by tailors as preparation before stitching to remove most of the chemicals, most likely on factory-made textile.

Choose a custom tailoring online option to build an adorable wardrobe for your baby (and you) that everyone will love. Choose your new dress stitching design wisely.

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10 Perfect Clothing Ideas for Virtual Meetings

The office dynamics have shifted over the last few years. Many businesses have adopted the work-from-home ethos. Virtual meetings and video conferencing were born as a result of this. As a result, the way people dress in the office has transformed. Many companies allow casual clothing in the office but expect business attire for customer meetings. As a result custom tailoring online has become a rage as we need to ace the dress code to turn up perfectly at physical and virtual meetings.

These ideas can help you appear the part when deciding what to wear on camera, whether you're using Zoom, Webex, Google meet, Skype, FaceTime, or another programme.


1. Shirt for a formal occasion


For virtual meetings, a formal shirt with slacks is ideal. It is comfy, professional, and appealing to the eye on the screen. For these meetings, you should wear your shirt tucked in. Printed shirts, plain shirts, stripes and checks, and cuffed shirts are all options. For virtual meetings, keep your makeup minimal and wear your hair in a bun or a neat ponytail. Opt for custom tailoring online options like CloudTailor who are experts at designing and customising your outfits as per your design and fit.


2. Shirt in light blue/white


A light blue or white shirt contrasts beautifully with grey or black trousers. You can look comfortable and attractive by wearing a blue or white shirt with an excellent fit. They come in a variety of fabric and texture options. As a result, it is one of the most versatile dress options for virtual meetings for both men and women. You can also wear a light blue or white shirt with formal suits to meet with your clients or on a day you have a presentation. There are various ideas available for ladies' formal suits designs and for custom tailoring online.


3. Cardigans and pullover sweaters


Pullover sweaters and cardigans are ideal for virtual meetings during the colder months of the year. It provides warmth and comfort while also making you appear attractive on-screen. You can select from a wide range of sweaters and cardigans with printed or embroidered designs. You can also pair sweaters with formal trousers or a jacket. In addition, you can look for custom tailoring online to get a formal suit for ladies that suits your taste.


4. A pair of trousers


Trousers can work as a perfect style statement. Corduroy Trousers, Wool Trousers, Twill Chinos, Relaxed-Legged Trousers, and Linen Trousers are options available in this category. However, if you decide to wear a formal suit, make sure that your trousers and blazer match. Look for custom tailoring online services like CloudTailor and get your trousers to fit you perfectly!


5. Jeans in black or blue


The standard outfit can be black or dark blue denim pants with a formal shirt for a more casual approach. It looks great with a tailored blazer and helps you look sophisticated. Avoid wearing ripped or distressed jeans to meetings; they make you appear unprofessional. However, it is the perfect outfit for an informal meeting with colleagues or friends.


6. T-shirt with a formal jacket


Wearing a formal jacket to a formal event is deemed suitable. Pair a contrast-coloured T-shirt with a formal blazer or coat. A tailored jacket with a good fit makes you look glamorous yet professional. If you want a perfectly stitched blazer, head to CloudTailor app for custom tailoring online services.


7. Leggings and Kurtit


The most comfortable dress for virtual meetings for ladies is a Kurti and leggings. They make them appear lovely, tidy, and professional. Kurtis comes in cotton, rayon, georgette, and crepe fabric, and you may choose your style according to the latest fashion trends. Of course, you can always go for a little ethnic touch and make ladies' formal suit designs for a professional meeting colourful and fun.


8. Jumpsuits for Formal Occasions


Formal For virtual meetings, jumpsuits can be a versatile and elegant option. They appear to be fashionable and simple to wear. In addition, it looks great on people of all ages and body types

Jumpsuits come in a variety of colours, textures, and fabrics. You can make your selection based on your style and personality. In addition, jumpsuits are also a perfect substitute for formal suits.


9. Women's Tops and Tunics


Choose cotton tunics in the summer and spring seasons. They are exquisitely crafted, with embroidery, sequins, and other embellishments. They are suitable for women of all ages. They can be accessorised with simple jewellery and stole. You can add a dash of playfulness to ladies' formal suit design by including colourful tops. It will give you an edge on your professional attire.


10. Clothing with a lot of space!


As you might expect, wearing a button-down shirt or blazer with no built-in elastic may rapidly convert a long day into an even longer one.

Look for clothing that allows you to move freely. Are you able to extend, reach for stuff, and relax on your workplace chair without feeling like you're going to pop a seam? Then, you've discovered a gem!

Suppose you're dead bent on wearing something a little more confining; layer it. On-screen, a comfy blouse under a tailored blazer looks excellent, and you can remove the blazer and rest a bit in between sessions.

Do you avoid going to your tailor because of Covid? Try custom tailoring online! Cloud Tailor is the newest kid on the block with an excellent backend to meet your tailoring needs. Go through the exciting design ideas and catalogues if you want to get an outfit made from the convenience of your own home.

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NEW MOM  Customized Clothes Online for Pregnant Women

Custom made clothing ideas for a new mom

The excitement of becoming a new mother can be thrilling but also a tad overwhelming. Suppose you have already given birth, or your due date is inching closer. Sometimes all you can probably think about is if you've picked out the right baby clothes. Whether or not your baby bag is big enough and how many shawls your new little angel might need.

Don't sweat it - no pun intended - every new mother feels nervous in the initial months. Not only are you raising a tiny and delicate human being, but you are also adjusting to the changes that your body has gone through. It is natural to feel differently with less time on hand, your social life-transforming, and your time and attention focused on parenting.

Wearing the right clothes and accessories elevates the concerns of your slightly altered shape and lifestyle, making you feel confident. It is one less thing you have to worry about, and if you're wondering where I can find a ladies' tailor near me, we are here to help. These ideas for custom made clothing , including son, mom and daughter dress designs, will make you stylish as you step out with your little bundle of joy.




Getting custom made mom and daughter dress designs for you and your little one makes it possible for you to match and twin when you go out. It can be a fun and creative way to bond with your baby. Whether it's matching accessories or matching tops, your Mumma-baby duo will look the cutest. An important thing to keep in mind here is the material. Stick with materials that are soft and comfortable on your baby's skin, like soft cotton, silk or wool. You can, of course, go for coordinated outfits for baby boys too.

Dungarees and rompers: These comfortable and cute dress designs look adorable on both mommies and babies. Additionally, with 90s fashion being a big trend nowadays, it's a win-win situation. Not only is it easy to slip into, but it is also convenient when breastfeeding. With rompers, go for bright colours and fun prints.

Accessories: Go with matching accessories like socks, mittens, and scarves for a more subtle twinning look.

If you have a girl child, look up mom and daughter dress designs to recreate tiny salwar kurtas and ghagra choli for your little ones.

If you want to take it to the next level, try nudging your partner to colour coordinate with you two as well.


Motherhood and Changes in the Body


Carrying a baby inside you for nine months is not an easy task in the slightest. Your body is making a human being. While making room for this precious gem there, it is bound to get a bit bigger than before. The beauty of custom tailoring online is getting pieces that fit you and complement your figure. The idea is not to beat oneself up but to flaunt the new body which wears the signs of pregnancy and motherhood confidently.

Black A-line off-the-shoulder dress: This is the perfect option if you want a dress that will make you look shapely. Black instantly makes you look more compact, while the A-line cut glides along, smoothening any unwanted bulges. In addition, the off-shoulder neckline draws attention to the feminine collarbone area and your shoulders and away from what you may be insecure about, like your stomach.

A-symmetrical hemline and high waisted bottoms: Speaking of drawing attention away from the middle, an asymmetrical hem is a great way to accomplish that. Plus, high waisted bottoms suck everything in and provide support holding you in a while also sinching in your waist.

Jackets: Denim jackets, leather jackets, and casual blazers are trendy items that make you look slimmer when paired with any basic outfit.


Comfort and Practicality


Being a new mom, you cannot add uncomfortable clothing to the list. You're most likely busy doing something, and you would instead do that in breezy, soft, comfy clothes. With custom tailoring online , you get to pick the material and cut that you like

Maxi dresses: These long flowy dresses are incredibly comfortable and stylish. They feel airy and are easy to slip on when you are in a rush without worrying about putting together an outfit. Additionally, they give a fresh, light and happy vibe while covering any bulges.

Front open tops and wrap dress: If you are breastfeeding, you know the struggles of having tops that make it a hundred times more difficult. And nobody's got time for that. So, getting a top with a criss-cross tie in the front or a wrap dress can easier breastfeeding access. Additionally, a front open kurta and also double up as a saree blouse in the future once you stop breastfeeding.

Well-fitted pyjamas: Going to bed after a long exhausting day can't get better unless you have custom made, soft and well-fitted pyjamas, of course.


Elements of Glamour


The tendency to put the thought of dressing up on the back burner can make you look shabby. Always make yourself a priority and dress up. At the same time, other baby-related things occupy a significant chunk of your thoughts. With custom tailoring online , adding quick custom-made accessories or elements of glamour to your outfit can instantly lift your mood.

Handbag: A big handbag is a must-have while carrying all the products your baby may need while being out and about. From holding the diapers, toys to extra clothes, the bigger the bag, the better. Make this must-have a fashionable, high-quality and glamourous one, and you don't even have to think twice before picking it up and walking out the door.

Shawl or scarf: An embroidered shawl or scarf means comfort, style and covering unwanted bulges. Invest in good quality, soft material that can also double up as a baby wrap. It also can hide stains on the shoulder or chest from your baby's burp.

Giving birth is a phenomenal event, and the credit is all yours. After bringing a whole tiny human into this world, being kind to yourself and your body and proud of it for all the hard work is imperative. Twin with some mom and daughter dress designs using custom tailoring online. For a baby boy, maybe you cannot always replicate the designs but play around with the material, patterns and exciting fashion elements like mittens, booties and Jhablas. Always remember you are more beautiful than ever with that new motherly glow.


Custom Made Clothing Ideas for a New Mom


  • Twinning
  • Motherhood and Changes in the Body
  • Comfort and practicality
  • Elements Of glamour
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BRIDAL FASHION  Blouse Stiching Designs for Bride

Bridal Fashion Trends 2022

As we approach 2022, life is edging back to normalcy, with most things, including weddings regaining their glory and extravagance. However, there is still a limitation on the number of guests, and the venues are cosier. Therefore, more attention goes to the bride's outfit.

Being a bride is one of the most memorable experiences in your life, and you want your lehenga to be perfect, just like the rest of the wedding. You want your customised lehenga to fit your style, shape and the ideal image of the one you have been planning in your head for years. However, at the same time, you also want it to match the trends that are going on right now. We (and custom tailoring online) have got your back!

This article lists the latest bridal lehenga designs in 2022 that you can recreate by using custom tailoring online services to match your style.


Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs in 2022


For the Traditional Bride


Red Lehenga


Reds in bridal lehengas continue to rule with classic supremacy. So does the tradition of wearing a double dupatta. Brides sure are exploring different trends in lehengas. Still, when designing a customised lehenga for their special day, many are taking the conventional route.


Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs in 2022 




Loads of can-can net stuffing beneath your customised lehenga add a fairy-tale aesthetic and flair to a traditional lehenga. This princess look is something you want on their special day, especially if you love extravagant, lavish and elaborate styles. You can opt for custom tailoring online services to get the right size, weight and design.




This lehenga trend is perfect for certain events' looks - like the main wedding ceremony customised lehenga or Mehndi dresses. Getting a heavy can-can may not be ideal when you have to move around. For a sangeet or engagement ceremony, it's best to pick a flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon with a lot of shimmers in the form of mirror work, sequins, and metallic work. That way you can move around and be part of the celebrations planned around you. You have ultimate comfort and the satisfaction of enjoying every moment to the fullest. The best way to get the style and weight as per your preference is to opt for custom tailoring online service.




Red Lehenga


Loads of can-can net stuffing beneath your customised lehenga add a fairy-tale aesthetic and flair to a traditional lehenga. This princess look is something you want on their special day, especially if you love extravagant, lavish and elaborate styles. You can opt for custom tailoring online services to get the right size, weight and design.


For the Minimalistic Bride


A-line Lehengas


If your style is casual and easy and you want that to reflect in your lehenga, consider clean lehenga designs and routine lehenga cutting. The classic lehenga style that touches the floor and has an A-line flare is perfect for you. However, if you'd like to add a touch of something offbeat and trendy, go for it in your wedding function looks, like Mehndi dresses or Sangeet dresses. This way, you can test the waters while also playing it safe.


Sweeping Trail


A sweeping customied lehenga trail is another trend to think about for a casual yet elegant look. It can give a beautiful princess vibe without looking over the top. This design is gorgeous, and the top trend out of all the latest bridal lehenga designs 2022.


For the Boho Bride




If you are a boho girl and boho chic is your desired aesthetic, the pastel lehenga trend is for you. Anushka Sharma debuted her pastel pink bridal lehenga, and pastels considerably expanded lehenga trends. Apart from pastel pink, other pastels like blue and mint green became a hit and aren't backtracking. So there will be loads of pastels in the 2022 spring and winter wedding season.


Colour Coordination


A pastel lehenga is spectacular for brides sporting a romantic, boho-chic look. You could also synchronise with your groom, with him dressed in an ivory sherwani and Safa the same colour as yours or vice versa. The pastel coordination looks impressive in pictures, as we saw with Virat & Anushka.


For the Party Bride




Like the party bride, the technicolour lehenga trend is fun, exciting and lively. Not only is this trend retro and nostalgic, but it's also artistic in many ways. With this glistening metallic lehenga, one thing is for sure; the attention will be on you and you, only making you the life of the party that is your wedding.




If you want to stick with some traditional lehengas for the main day, try opting for these for your Sangeet outfits or Mehndi dresses. During the day events, however, you can add a touch of swag by wearing cool sunglasses along with your lehenga. This contemporary look fits the party bride perfectly.

These latest bridal lehenga designs 2022 are glamourous and stylish, making you look beautiful on your big day. The ceremonies surrounding the big Indian wedding, from Mehndi dresses to Sangeet and Haldi, demand different outfits. So depending on your style, get whichever one steals your heart custom-made with custom tailoring online. This way, you get a say in every step of the creative dressmaking process and every last detail so that you can own the design.

The design will evolve with hopes and dreams, colouring your vision and imagination. The involvement will show through your outfit. So go, girl and get uniquely gorgeous on the most special day of your life.

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Tips for Your First Date Style Tips for Your First Date

Style Tips for Your First Date

First impressions are crucial to blossoming a new relationship, which is one opportunity you never want to miss as it will never come again. Therefore, regarding first dates, you must make a good impression on your partner.

However, initial impressions are not just about physical looks. How we present ourselves plays a vital part in how others see us. Choosing what to wear on a first date can feel as overwhelming as the actual date itself. 

However, by decoding what to wear on a first date, you can not only build your possibilities of becoming friends with your date but, ideally, score a subsequent date. You can do this by choosing an outfit unique to you, something that shows off your style statement and represents your persona.

When dealing with first-date nervousness, the stress about what to wear will most likely be at the back of your mind. However, first dates aren't the right time to reinvent and experiment with your outfits and fashion sense. 

Unfortunately, women often tend to reinvent themselves for their first dates, choosing outfits they don't feel comfortable in. Instead, it should be something you're already pleased with, and we're here to help figure out exactly what that is.

Whether you're going out on a daytime coffee date or have reservations at the cool, trendy new place in town. Do not panic and type out a rushed text to your group chat and leave the outfit planning to women’s tailoring services like CloudTailor. Here are some tips on how to dress for your first date and establish a connection with your date.

Daytime Coffee Date


A daytime date can be a bit more intimidating than a dinner date. However, it would help if you approached it as being that much easier to dress up for. The countless movies haven't prepared us for a cute coffee date, but the key to approaching them is to dress up as you would when you usually go out with your girlfriends for brunch. 

This date look is all about elevated basics with a little help from your women’s tailor. A cute pair of jeans, tank top, and sneakers oozes the right amount of effortlessness while also being super flattering. 

If you are going for this date during spring or autumn, bring a layer to throw on top, like a shrug, cardigan, or jacket. This way, you aren't worried about catching a cold over hitting it off with your date. 


Post-Work Drinks Date


A post-work drinks date is one of the most incredible kinds of dates you can have. You are less likely to feel tense since you have most likely discussed each conceivable outcome with your colleagues throughout the work day.

Since you're coming directly from the workplace, showing up in an office look is normal. You can wear a tee and top it up with a blazer or jacket and a pair of sneakers for the whole after-office date vibe. Select a body-hugging tank top instead of a tee if you want a bolder look.


Casual Date


A relaxed date's vibe can be harder to perfect than a more extravagant date. The factor which holds us back is the feeling of dread of arriving at the date overdressed. 

To keep it as straightforward as possible, choosing an easygoing, informal dress you are comfortable with is the simplest and wisest option for a casual date. This outfit perfectly balances looking gorgeous while not trying too hard to impress your date. 


Dinner Date


The most iconic and classic of all dates: a nice, cosy dinner in a restaurant. Instead of trying to figure out which pants and top to wear, a fabulous dress is the best choice. You can get many custom-made and bespoke women’s tailoring options online. 

You can always opt for custom clothing from custom clothing services if you want something specific. A mid-length dress is a fashionable option for a nice restaurant. It suits all kinds of restaurants well, and finding one you're comfortable in will ensure you have a successful first date.


Outdoor Date


There has been a wholesome rise in the casual, outdoor dates. But, it's an entirely new kind of date, so it is slightly tricky to nail the perfect outfit for these dates. When you might be sitting cross-legged on the ground, you don't want to mess with tight jeans or risk feeling uncomfortable the entire time. 

A floral maxi dress not only screams picnic but will ensure you can sit and manoeuvre any way you like. Of course, there are a variety of options on the internet for these, and you can always get them customised through custom clothing services

Here is a list of some outfits you could opt to rock on your first date. Of course, feel free to customise your clothes as you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the result. First dates should be comfortable, and your primary focus should be to calm your nerves. Hence, pick an outfit you are comfortable with and be yourself.

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SAREE Online Tailoring Service for Bridal wear

5 Creative Ways to Style a Saree

Five problems, one solution; we're speaking about sarees, of course. Traditional sarees sometimes fall under the category of being too special, and you rarely wear them. Since they are too special, you do not feel like repeating them. Another example that makes you avoid wearing those sarees is wearing that silk saree to various events and having a million pictures in it. On the other hand, sometimes you've worn an exclusive saree to a wedding and do not want to repeat it. What adds to the dilemma is that high-quality sarees are pretty premium to wear only once. So, you do not want to give them away, nor do you want to wear them again. Now, what do you do with these, dare we say, precious sarees with no apparent use? Custom tailoring online might be the best solution for you.

By using CloudTailor’s online tailoring solutions, you can flip these sarees into your next trendy crop top or a fashionable long maxi saree dress. So, put on your thinking hat and let's create brilliant dresses and offshoots: ranging from saree dress design to accessories.

This article lists five creative ideas that can help you get fantastic dressing alternates out of a single saree with the help of custom tailoring online.


Crop Top


A cute little crop top with crossover straps is trending all over social media right now. You can wear this top with baggy denim jeans or classic boyfriend jeans. Add a shoulder bag, and you have yourself a Y2K aesthetic outfit. The style and cut of the top could be anything from wrap around tops to a halter top, whatever your creative heart fancies.




Speaking of the Y2K aesthetic taking 2021 by storm and is here to stay in 2022, a headscarf completely fits that style. First, you cut out a portion of the saree and make it into a headscarf for a retro accessory to complement a basic outfit. Then, you can use it as a centrepiece in your outfit by wearing it as a scarf top and tying it in different ways.


Saree Dress Design


For this you can use a saree with a long border on both sides that you wouldn't want to use in your crop top or scarf. Since the design is usually more ornate, it can help you design long frock designs with sarees, jumpsuits, party wear saree or even sarongs. A saree dress design allows you to play around with several options, ranging from long frock designs from sarees to short dresses. Party wear sarees in silk or georgette can create long maxi dresses. Furthermore, you can create attractive party wear saree gown designs to wear to the next formal event.




You can get help from a custom tailoring expert online to stitch the other half of the long border or the pallu into a shoulder bag that all the fashion influencers carry nowadays. Be it a traditional border or a flashy sequined one, it will add a vintage touch to your look and make it an individualistic style statement. Depending on the size of the bag you want, you can even get two bags out of the long border. Additionally, mini bags are a significant style statement trending recently.


Tote Bag


If you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you will notice another bag style trending everywhere: a tote bag. This one perfectly fits the coconut girl aesthetic, which embodies a boho, beachy and carefree vibe with the fabric left from making your crop top and scarf. So design a tote bag that gives your look a relaxed boho chic touch.

The best part about having these dresses and accessories is that they are from the same saree. So you can mix and match these to put together a cohesive look. You can make something that you would use over the years without ruining the beauty of your saree. Custom tailoring online gives you the space to experiment with outfits and accessories without wasting fabric.

We suggest wearing two of these pieces at once but not over three as it can look a bit extra there. For example, your styling idea can combine a minimalistic saree dress with a matching botua and a scarf. However, nothing is too many if you know how to incorporate them well into the look and aesthetic that resonates with you.

However, while designing these items, a tailor you can count on is essential to consider. They help with ideas and styles that suit you best. They know what looks best on every body type and give you a personalised experience. So instead of going to a store and picking out an item mass-produced, you can be the master of your closet. You can explain to the tailor precisely what your vision is, and they will use their magic to create the look you want, if not a better one - kind of like a fairy godmother.

Another great thing about using your old saree for new pieces that you will wear often is the recycling aspect. Discarded clothing is burned chiefly, creating a lot of pollution and environmental damage. Recycling your sarees enables you to avoid fast fashion and make a difference in the world.

It's time to take things into your own hands and flip those sarees and see the magic unfold. So, if you need help picking a tailor, head over to CloudTailor for talented and reliable tailors, aka fairy godmothers.


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10 Vacation Outfit Ideas

Once you book your flights and plan your itinerary for your upcoming vacation, the next thing to do is go shopping. As we all know, a vacation is relaxing, but packing for a vacation? Not so much. Deciding exactly what outfits you want to wear every day of the trip in advance can be confusing, especially for the indecisive over-packers among us. However, with some planning and some tips, you can carry just enough vacation outfit ideas to last you the entire trip. In addition, they can have you looking fabulous.

The secret is to carry a few staple pieces: like a good pair of shorts, some comfy jeans, a basic black top or camisole, and a few statement pieces, like a puffy-sleeved dress, a floral silk skirt or a bright printed top. If you're going someplace tropical, it's easy to rely on flowy dresses and baggy shorts that you can mix and match with tank tops throughout the trip. Even if your holiday place gets chilly at night, we have a few ideas, from simple cover ups to gown dress designs to save you from the cold winds on your sunset beach strolls.


Crop Top with a Maxi Skirt


This outfit is a go-to for any place, especially if your plans involve exploring the city. It's easy-breezy, takes little space in your bag and is trendy at the same time. Plus, it doesn't restrict your movement when you're roaming around. Bold prints or colours instantly up your style game and add personality to the look. On vacation, you can get away with any pattern or colour you want. Pair this with a cute tote bag, a beautiful pair of sunglasses, some dainty jewellery and your favourite hat.


Halter Neck Bodysuit with High-Waist Shorts


It is an essential and effortless outfit for any tropical beach vacation. Whether you want to go for a quick swim or stroll around the beach-side, this is an easy outfit that will have you prepared for absolutely anything you want to do on the beach. Style this with a pair of tinted glasses and flip-flops to add more glam to the basic look. Also, don't forget to keep a cloth beach bag handy to carry your essentials.


Shirt Dress with Ankle-strap Flats and Straw Bag


You can never go wrong with it is a chill, laid-back outfit. A shirt dress is simple to throw on, and head out to explore the place you are visiting. Choose one in radiant colours like yellows and blues and pair it with neutral accessories. You can wear it on the beach, to a happening nightclub or even a casual dinner and you'll look dressed for the occasion.


White Romper with Gladiators


White is the perfect colour to wear on vacation, especially on a beach vacation. It is summary, serene and looks gorgeous on tan, brown skin tones. Additionally, rompers are just so easy to put together and comfortable. You wouldn't need to stress about coordinating or figuring out what goes well with what as they're come stitched together. Just pair them with a simple pair of sandals, and you instantly look chic. If you want to be extra fancy, wear white nail polish.


Coordinated Shorts/Skirt and Crop Top Set


Coord sets are enormous in the fashion industry nowadays, and they make for such beautiful vacation outfits. They are chic put together but give off a young girly vibe simultaneously. You pair them with flats and a shoulder bag to get a great day look, and if you replace flats with heels and let your hair down, it works as a fabulous night look too. Look for body-hugging skirts to give you that hourglass look.


Puffy Sleeves Dress


Dresses are a simple way to look chic, feminine and stylish while on vacation. A puffy sleeves dress is wildly trending right now, with all the top influencers, celebrities and tik-tokers wearing them. It adds a young, playful, and fresh element to your look, which you want on vacation. You can pair the puffy sleeves dress with dainty jewellery and a claw hair clip for trendy reels and vacation pics.


Elegant Gown Dress


This piece is essential in your suitcase for any vacation. There will be nights when you go for fancy dinners where you want to look your best. If you are going to a chilly place, definitely look for dress designs with long sleeves. However, if it's a tropical vacation, pick a gown dress design that's sleeveless or has short sleeves. It's essential to look for a gown dress design that flatters your body type so consider custom tailoring online.


Crop Top with Shorts and Fanny Pack


If you're would rather wear a bikini instead of a one-piece swimsuit, this outfit was for you. And it provides vast scope for experimentation; you can choose from hundreds of styles of crop tops - or use your bikini top - and shorts to mix and match. The fanny pack carries your essentials and adds a trendy look.


Coverups as Dresses


When on vacation, you need to pack light. So, wearing your coverups as dresses for casual dinners after a long day at the beach is perfect. It gives ultimate tourist vibes and makes you look effortlessly stunning. Pair them with some jewellery and a bit of red lipstick, and you're good to go.


Pastel Bodycon Dress


Ditch the flowy pieces for a bodycon dress when you want to look a bit more sensual. Instead, make sure it fits the vibes by sticking to pastel colours. Then, pair this outfit with a small bag, ballet flats and sunglasses for those sexy vacation pictures and reels.

With these outfit ideas, you're all set to look stunning every single day of your vacation. So may your social media be popping and your suitcase is light.

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Perfecting the Boho Look with Easy Styling Ideas

Bohemian attire is more than just a fad. It's a unique culture with its own set of beliefs and complex history. Although bohemian fashion is most closely associated with hippie fashion in the 1960s and 1970s, it has become a part of mainstream culture. However, in the nineteenth century, boho fashion emerged as a counterculture. With its loose-fitting clothing items, casual accessories, and a general artistic, creative assortment of elements, today's boho clothing and accessories have made the style a true phenomenon. It follows the lines of the effortless, relaxed design.

One of our all-time favourite aesthetics is boho, but it can be challenging to carry off. So isn't it wonderful to have a short reference guide to help you nail bohemian style? It's that time of year when you want to look fashionable without going overboard yet still making a statement. So what better way to achieve that than to go boho chic and look effortlessly stylish? And the best part is you can ace the look with a little help from custom tailoring online service like CloudTailor.


What Exactly is Bohemian Style?


Bohemian style is all about being free and bright, with a nonchalant attitude toward trends while still maintaining individuality. So without further ado, and in light of your enthusiasm for boho clothing, we present to you stunning fashion trends with a wild soulful twist!

Of course, this is just the beginning of the behemoth that is Boho. Next, you should seek custom tailoring online to own and customise your clothing truly.


The Famous Colour Palette!


Starting with a selected colour palette is one of the most uncomplicated rules to follow when constructing a bohemian capsule wardrobe.


Tip 1: Use Both Warm and Cool Colours


A good rule of thumb is to choose a collection with 6 to 12 colours. Then, choose fewer items if you prefer a minimalistic dress design; choose more if you like prints and a boho look. You can get help from expert designers who are available at custom clothing online services like CloudTailor.


Tip 2: Use Sister Colours


Avoid using isolated colours. Instead, use three shades of brown (caramel, maroon, latte, or terracotta colour) or four shades of blue (turquoise, steel, sky blue, and navy). This technique will assist you in creating a capsule wardrobe in which everything can be mixed and matched, increasing the collection's versatility. For example, imagine a ghagra dress. Make your wardrobe as versatile as one with help from custom tailoring online service!


Tip 3: Use Neutrals, Pastels and Rich Tones Together


Avoid artificial neon hues and clothing with a lot of saturation.


Tip 4: Decide on a Colour Strategy


Mixing prints is much easier when you start with a colour palette. That is why deciding on a colour strategy is essential for a dress design. Custom tailoring online services like CloudTailor have expert designers will help you till you find the outfit you love.


Styling Advice


1: Tie & Dye Fashion


Remember the tie and dye fashion posts you saw a year ago? Go back and read them to learn how to dress up in such outfits. They come in various indigenous styles to produce an appearance that you can wear almost everywhere. For example, tie-dye rompers have a stunning appearance. Wear them in neutral or vivid hues, with or without leggings. In addition, dress them up with kolhapuris or mojari for your feet! Then, take inspiration from trendy wedding ghagra dresses and design your dress like that!

2. Accept Lace, Crochet and Other Adornments


Boho Chic dress design basics include crocheted and lace skirts, tops, caps, and bags. In addition, beads, fringe, and embroidery are essential in Boho clothing and accessories.


3. Play Around with Different Patterns


Boho Chic apparel comes in various designs, including floral and avant-garde accents, checks, and ethnic-inspired motifs. If you want to try out some exciting designs, make sure to mix them with mostly neutral pieces for a well-balanced look.


4. Consider the Word "Comfort"


Comfort is a fundamental component of the Boho Chic look, which includes a lot of soft, loose-fitting, flowy garments that allows easy layering.

Maxi dresses (full-length, usually loose-fitting dresses) are a perfect example of Boho Chic's flowy comfort.

Another comfortable Boho Chic attire is cut-offs and a flowy white lace top combined with a long, beige knitted jumper or a flowy ghagra dress for a pretty afternoon party!


5. Wear a Mix of Fitted and Flowy Clothing


You don't have to wear flowy shirts with fitted pants or skirts. Instead, you can wear flowy shirts with fitted pants or skirts and vice versa. Here's an outfit idea for the colder months, when the rain and snow make flowing dresses and skirts impractical. Wear a pair of faded, fitted light-blue jeans with a white chambray top and an oversized, neutral-toned knitted jumper.

A long silver-chain necklace with a lovely stone pendant, such as turquoise, will add interest to the outfit. This ensemble would also look great with a vibrant, jewel-toned scarf.

Brown, tan or beige ankle boots with a low, chunky heel are a good choice for shoes. (Think high-heeled cowboy boots.)

Bohemian styles express the associated lifestyle ideology: an alternative to traditional dress, along with an equal choice, more liberated lifestyle and a social position against everything from materialism to societal restraints. The bohemians, a counterculture that emerged in France during the French Revolution, are closely linked to the origins of the bohemian style. During this time, many artists became impoverished due to the dismantling of the prior patronage system. Therefore, among all aesthetics, you find the maximum influence of art here. So, if you are a free spirit, have artistic tendencies and like to stand apart in the crowd, this style is yours.

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BLOUSE Women in Tradtional Wear

How to select the perfect blouse to match your saree

The brilliance of a saree only gets better when it's paired with a beautifully stitched blouse. A saree is incomplete without the blouse, even if you're experimenting with some edgy styles using blouse tailoring. A good blouse is essential as it can make or break your look. You may have the best saree in the world, but pair it with a wrong blouse – poof, the glamour is gone.

So how do you decide which blouse is the right one to compliment your saree?

Back in the day, tailors used a catalogue with some repetitive blouse stitching designs for blouse tailoring. So, due to the lack of options, women had to choose the blouse they considered alright to fit their saree and style. However, with growing fashion frontiers and blouse tailoring options like CloudTailor , designer saree blouses, bridal lehenga blouse design, heavily embellished blouses, sequined blouses, jacket-style blouses and many more styles have become very popular.

Currently, with the advent of technology such as custom tailoring online, blouse tailoring can now give you the most recent fashion trends with just a few clicks. Therefore, it makes it easy but also very rewarding to get the idea about the right blouse with your saree.

So, in this guide, we have broken down five things to consider to match any blouse perfectly with your saree.


The Neck of the Blouse


The neck is a vital factor to consider while stitching a blouse. When drafting the shoulders and the neck you should consider your face structure and your neck's shape, width, and height. The neck can complement your physical attributes richly. For example, women with short stature and short neck can opt for a rectangular or oval neck blouse. Additionally, they can go for backless designs to style their personality. On the other hand, tall women with long necks look lovely in Chinese collar blouse designs.

Women with a bigger bust can wear high necks to look fashionable and graceful. Those with smaller busts can choose V-neck blouses. Apart from body type, if you want a modern saree look, go for halter neck blouses and turtle neck blouses to look chic and classy. These blouse tailoring designs are perfect for party wear. Also, the boat neckline outlines the collarbones and flatters all body shapes. Hence, it is ideal for a more casual and traditional look. So are square necklines. On the other hand, round necklines look amazing on the bridal lehenga blouse tailoring design and formal blouses that go seamlessly with silk sarees, rich cotton and handloom sarees from across India.


The Back of the Blouse


Along with the neck design, the back design can also make your figure look flattering and attractive. Depending on your comfort level and how much skin you want to show, you can choose from a completely covered back to an utterly backless blouse with just a tiny hook strip to tie at the bottom. With blouses somewhere between, there are various designs like rounded, pointed, boat-shaped, petal-shaped and covered back with a middle cut-out. These look incredibly stunning on a bridal lehenga blouse design.

If you want to bring edge and unique elements into the blouse stitching, go for criss-cross strappy back designs or straps that end in bigger shimmery tassel balls. Another element for the back design is mesh fabric. Mesh shows the right amount of skin, looks mysterious and gives a chic vibe.


The Sleeves of the Blouse


The sleeves of your blouse play an essential role in the overall appearance of the look. The length should complement the individual body shapes and heights. Generally, those with bigger arms or broad shoulders tend to flatter long-sleeved blouses, while those with narrow shoulders go for sleeveless blouses. Full sleeves can also look rich on a bridal lehenga blouse design. Quarter sleeve blouses and mid-length sleeves flatter all body types and go to any saree. If you have a statement saree, it's better to stick with these basic lengths.

On the other hand, full-length transparent sheer sleeves provide an unmatched sense of style if you have a plain saree. Also, if you feel awkward wearing sleeveless blouses, you might want to consider a transparent full-sleeve blouse to show a hint of your arms. Other edgy styles to experiment with are off-shoulder sleeves, spaghetti-strapped sleeves, strapless, and puffs.


The material of the blouse


The standard approach is stitching a blouse with a similar type of material as that of the saree. It happens automatically as the extra portion of fabric comes along with the saree in many cases. However, if you want to add personality and flair to the outfit, go for contrasting fabrics. For example, if you have a plain cotton saree, you can opt for silk, suede or mesh blouses and vice versa.

The most popular fabric is cotton blouse material that goes with sarees. Daily sarees also go beautifully along with Voile. Many also favour silk, net, georgette, chiffon, and chikan fabrics for blouse stitching. However, these fabrics are more suitable for parties or get-togethers.


The Colour of the Blouse


While picking an ideal blouse for your saree, colour plays the most significant role. Some women like the look of contrasting colour blouses for their sarees, while others prefer the exact colour match. Not only the colour of your saree but your skin tone and body shape can also be deciding factors when picking the colour. Dark shades like black, grey, navy and purple are generally flattering hues for cooler skin tones. They are also ideal for broader frames as dark colours make you look more compact. Warm colours like brown, orange, golden and some shades of yellow work with dusky warm skin tones.

If your saree has two colours or a border of a different colour, go with the lighter colour for your blouse, this will bring the whole look together. Most sarees have either black, white, gold or silver in them, so having one of each can make your wardrobe complete.

With this thorough guide, you can easily get the perfect blouse to compliment your saree, your style and personality, as well as your body type.

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CLOTHING FOR WEDDINGS Customized Dress Online for Wedding Couple

The Top 10 Custom Made Clothing Ideas for Weddings

Attending Indian weddings as a guest is always a blast! You get to dress up in your traditional Indian attire, meet old friends and relatives, and get to have a great time bonding over food and conversations. But what should you wear to an Indian wedding as a guest or a bridesmaid? Since Indian clothing is sparkling and attractive, you can choose from numerous fabrics and dresses depending on the event, season and what you fancy that day. custom tailoring online can help you get the perfect outfit.

Wearing anything heavy to a summer wedding will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Similarly, it's not a good idea to wear anything too light in the cold. So always keep the material and cut in mind when selecting the attire for the special occasion. You will not enjoy yourself thoroughly if you are not suitably dressed. Customised clothing can be your best bet when it comes to getting the most unique outfit.

Let's look at some Indian wedding guest outfits that you might like to get stitched with custom tailoring online Services .


For a Sangeet Evening




Sangeet is all about music and dance. You, as a bridesmaid, will require beautiful, flowing and lightweight outfits to perform well-rehearsed dance routines. Customised clothing like flared lehenga skirts with traditional zari weave or embroidery are light and comfortable, making lehengas for a sangeet night an excellent choice. Pick a light necklace and a pair of oversized earrings to complete the look. In addition, you can pair your lehenga with a cropped top. Finally, instead of a dupatta, wear a translucent cloak with embroidered borders. You can get each item designed and stitched from CloudTailor’s Custom Tailoring Online services and make your outfit the most unique one in the ceremony.


Crop Top with Dhoti Pants or Lehenga Skirt


Lehengas for weddings do not necessarily have to be ornate in style. Wear an ethnic crop top over a lehenga skirt. You can source materials like bandhani, ikat, kalamkari or Sambalpuri if you like handloom. Customised clothing reflects your understanding of the rich Indian heritage and helps create your unique personal style.

A lehenga skirt in brocade, net or chikankari is a show stealer. Just make sure the bottom of the lehenga is comfortable yet flowing for you to move about gracefully. You can achieve this with a customised clothing service, made as per your size and design.

Go creative with the crop top. You could go for a snug fit or comfort by selecting a shirt top. You can take inspiration from the Banjara women and their rich and colourful attires. If you're not a lover of skirts, wear your crop top with a pair of dhoti pants in a rich fabric. Raw silk is an excellent choice as it is elegant and classy. It provides a one-of-a-kind, fusion style that you can get with custom tailoring online .


For the Colourful Haldi Event


Salwar Kurta


The salwar kurta is one of the most versatile Indian garments. However, to avoid seeming too simple at a wedding, add some heavy embroidery to the dupatta. If the suit is heavier, wear a lighter dupatta, and vice versa. Pair the kurta with tight pants or churidar. You can bring in a touch of nostalgia with well-tailored Patiala salwar. You can mix and match style, colours by using a custom tailoring online service like 

 and get the exact look you want.

Use a fabric like a chiffon, georgette, silk or tussar for your apparel to feel comfy while still seeming completely out-of-the-box. Take inspiration from the look of women from the bygone eras, from the icons of Indian fashion and bring in originality while designing the outfit of your choice. Since the main emphasis is the design, you can wear it with or without a dupatta.

For the Engagement


Churidar Kurta


Lightweight kurta and churidar are great selections for you. Wear a richly embroidered dupatta with a simple solid-coloured kurta-churidar set. The dupatta will take the spotlight, complementing your simple kurta-churidar ensemble. A sheer dupatta in net, georgette, or Chanderi is an excellent choice.




Fusion clothing is trending in this wedding season. Silk and chiffon are perfect for wedding gown designs or brocade or velvet. Wedding gown designs are one-piece and easy to put on. Choose a refined hairdo, diamonds, emeralds or pearl jewellery and high heels to go with the outfit. Pay attention to the sleeves. You may go for an off-shouldered gown adorned with thread and sali that accentuates your neck and collarbones. Next, opt for a white gown made with georgette fabric and adorned with Tikki and sequins to be the cynosure of all eyes.




Sarees are perfect for summer weddings since they allow movement and are lightweight. Opt for the embroidered ones, organza or sheer sarees in pastel shades during summer evenings. A saree can always accentuate your curves. On the other hand, a silk saree is glamourous during winter weddings.




You can pair your Shararas with a spaghetti long peplum kurta that ends just where the sharara flare starts. It is a beautiful garment that has evolved over several decades. You can also wear a knee-length Kurti with interesting embellishments, such as gold sequin embroidery. A sharara complements a bustier blouse and jacket well. It makes a wedding outfit functional yet classy.


For the Royal Wedding Reception




The floor-length Anarkali dress is excellent for combining your heritage and tradition into your outfit. Anarkali dresses save you the trouble of hauling about a flared garment since they have a broad A-line cut. Moreover, the Anarkali garment's yoke and the border is one that you can play around with. Pair an Anarkali with jadau jewellery to radiate a majestic demeanour.


Lehenga Saree


A Lehenga Saree combines a lehenga and a saree. Despite its distinctness, the chance of wearing a lehenga saree has grown. It's a gorgeous blend of a saree pallu and a flared lehenga. You may pair it with a full-sleeved blouse.

Ideas are galore. With the rich cultural heritage and several regional influences, you have many options for outfit ideas and textiles. Go for one that makes you comfortable. Fashion changes, but style is permanent. So, create an outfit for all the special days during the wedding celebration of your close friend or family, keeping your individuality and values in mind.

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Weekend Fashion Sunday Brunch Edit

Sunday Brunch Edit

Brunch is that odd hour of the day that falls between breakfast and lunch. People who are not a fan of brunch will claim that having it in the middle of the morning makes it difficult to get anything done. 

However, on Sundays, you typically hustle for deadlines, turn in your papers, and complete other tasks simultaneously. So, if you stick with a brunch, there is no need to take a separate long break for lunch. Additionally, it can be the week's most gratifying meal, depending on where you go.

You should dress for the season when choosing the ideal ensemble for brunch. Brunch is a wonderful occasion to flaunt your stylish outfit. There aren't any restrictions on what you can or cannot wear, though your choice of venue may help you to style some aesthetic outfits. 

You can get your outfits tailored or custom-made from a stitching tailor to match your style quotient if you do not like anything off the rack. Try out online dress tailoring services like CloudTailor for numerous options for your brunch dresses or tops.


Identify What Looks Good on You


A brunch outfit is an outfit that blends casual and sophisticated components to provide a chic appearance. There are no dress codes for brunch because it is a weekend pastime with friends. As a result, some ladies choose to wear charming, casual clothing. In contrast, others will wear designer clothing to achieve a more premium, chic look.

Avoid using abstract patterns or loud colours when choosing your brunch outfits. Instead, look for neutrals and a softer colour palette. Instead of going overboard with layering, extra pieces, or accessories, adopt an attractive yet simple appearance. Online dress tailoring can be helpful in this case.

Combine a t-shirt or sweater with boyfriend jeans, suede shoes, and minimal jewellery for a laid-back look. Or, put on a dress, sandals, a button-down shirt, slim jeans, and pumps to spice up the appearance. Seize the opportunity to play with various styles and themes since it is a laid-back activity you enjoy with your girlfriends.

Top Choices for the Best Sunday Brunch Look


The Casual Crop-Top and Pants


Crop tops flatter all body shapes, whether you're lean or curvy. Crop tops can come in cute patterns. You can also tailor your top from stitching tailors and add ruffled shoulders or sleeves to your crop top ensemble. 

Or you can try some loose thread design at the bottom of your top by trimming the waistline of your top an inch higher all over. Crop-tops go well with high-waisted casual pants or jeans. Pair it with casual pants in pastel colours if you choose a dark-shaded top and vice versa. 

A Classic Dress


Brunch is all about looking nice, so go for a dress in a vivid neon colour. Put on this dress with striking jewellery and a coordinating bag. This look is for you if you wish to go bold for the Sunday brunch. These days, neon colours are highly fashionable. They stand out and capture the eye on any given occasion. 

For perfect brunch outfit ideas, you can find any fashionable colour, such as yellow, purple, orange, or fuchsia. Wear a yellow neon knee-length dress with nude-coloured shoes and accessories for this unique costume suggestion. Alternately, you could choose gold accents.


Choose a Good Jumpsuit


Jumpsuits are trendy right now, particularly ones with vivid colours. Your jumpsuit will go well with neon nails, chunky jewellery, and a thick belt. You'll look hip, cool, and stylish in this outfit. Selecting a jumpsuit in a vibrant colour is the best course of action. 

For instance, you might choose a bold red or bright pink jumpsuit. Then, accessorise it with gold or neutral-coloured jewellery to add extra spice to your entire outfit. If you do not like the jumpsuits off the rack, you can get them stitched or custom-made as per your liking. 

Pretty Maxi Dresses


Give yourself the ultimate Hollywood vibes by pairing pretty boho maxi dresses with minimal jewellery and colourful heels. Maxi dresses and Sunday brunch go hand in hand. 

Therefore, wear the maxi dress to keep you looking dapper for the Sunday brunch you have planned. You can even design your dresses, add a little ethnic element, and get them tailored as you wish from dress tailors.

Comfy Oversized T-Shirts and Shorts


Oversized T-shirts tucked in are pretty charming and laid-back. You can project a carefree vibe while maintaining your fashionable appearance. It will draw attention to your figure when you wear an oversized T-shirt tucked into denim shorts. 

This can be your go-to attire on a relaxing day or when you want to hang out with friends. It's stylish while also being incredibly cosy and simple to wear. You can choose from ethnic prints and tie-dye patterns for oversized t-shirts.

For the Cold Winters


Even though your winter brunch will primarily take place indoors, you should still dress warmly and comfortably. In the winter, casual clothes can consist of a base layer of jeans and a shirt and a top layer of a puffer vest or long, knit cardigan. 

You can dress up or down the ensemble using shoes, suede sneakers, boots, heels, or runners. A neutral black or camel coat makes the ideal overcoat if you're searching for a piece to tie your outfit together.

Even though a brunch date is typically less dressy than an evening one, you should still look your finest. If your brunch occasion is more formal, a sophisticated dress or a stylish jumpsuit worn with low shoes are both great options. 

Play with patterns and florals; they can help you create a dramatic impression with little work. Always keep the season in mind and keep a cardigan, lightweight jacket, or wrap handy in the spring and fall.

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Outfits for Wardrobe 10 Must-Have Outfits in Every Wardrobe

10 Must-Have Outfits in Every Wardrobe

There are a ton of things that take up our mind space in our everyday life. However, if one had to list them down, a woman would definitely pick 'what to wear' as one of her top ones. The garments that individuals wear frequently represent their personality and style. 

What you reach out for regularly portrays your personality and style. Thus, everybody must have some fashionable and practical clothing items in their closet. The following are ten essentials that you ought to have in your wardrobe.


A Dress


Any fashion fanatic knows the importance of exploring different styles and trends. A customised dress is fundamental in a woman's closet living in a modern world. Furthermore, fusing two styles and cultures in your dress design for stitching brings out the sheer beauty of it. 

Women can go for bespoke tailoring, custom clothing in India and online tailoring services for their customised dresses. So the time has come to jump into the fashion universe with your customised dresses. Customise your dress design for stitching with some traditional mirror work or thread work to make the dress your very own.


A Kurti


Be it for an evening out with family, a stroll around the shopping centre or a movie date, a Kurti is a perfect choice. You can wear this versatile clothing item with pants, jeans or tights. A Kurti can be casual, semi-formal or formal. 

Everybody owns a Kurti, but you can make it your own with a bit of help from your tailor. You can always choose custom clothing, online tailoring services and bespoke tailoring to design the Kurti you envisioned.


A Graceful Blouse


A blouse is an essential wardrobe item; you can pair one blouse with multiple sarees. It looks elegant in all events and is easy to carry. You can pair them with a set of pants and look as gorgeous as ever in a modern outfit. Try different designs, patterns, and bold hues to bring out the best in you. 


A Lehenga Set


At least once a year, you have a family function, a festive gathering, or a wedding night to be a part of. In all these events, what stands out is a dazzling lehenga with embellishments and detailed thread work. 

A tailored or custom-made lehenga set requires no introduction to someone who knows their way about fashion and trends. Online tailoring services in India offer personalised fashion wear and custom clothing in India in a design of your choice.


A Salwar Kameez


Any lady in a Salwar Kameez grabs the attention in a room. This ethnic clothing has blended in well with contemporary fashion. Most modern women want ethnic custom clothing in India to showcase their sense of fashion and style quotient. Online tailoring services like CloudTailor satisfy these requests. They have the best designers from whom you can find inspiration for your exquisite salwar kameez.


A Gown


Watching and reading about princesses during our formative years has inspired numerous women to imagine themselves in a princess-style gown. You might have envisioned yourself in a custom-made wedding gown or an exquisite silk fishtail gown for an evening party. Customised gowns are a given in any woman's wardrobe. Tailored gowns from online tailoring services are just what you need to satisfy your style goals.


A Blazer


Another essential item in a woman's closet is a blazer. A blazer adds an edge of boldness for the days you feel jittery about an office meeting. You can match blazers with shirts, tops, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.

You can tailor blazers in solid hues, which are classic and casual. Add in the element of fusion by incorporating your favourite embroidery from around India into your blazer. This little addition to your blazer will take it up a notch.


A Pair of Trousers


Trousers are not just comfortable, but they make women look more competent and confident. They are perfect for college-going or office-going women, and you can use them for power dressing.

Every woman should own a pair of trousers in a solid colour and with stripes or checks. An easy way to obtain these would be through bespoke tailoring, online tailoring services that customise clothing according to your wishes. 


A Bodycon Dress


It is time to normalise women embracing their body types. Bodycon dresses flaunt your unique body shape and reflect confidence. Make space for this item in your closet, as this dress is timeless.

Custom clothing India has paved the way for making bodycon dresses with fabrics which will flatter your body type. Even if you have a little muffin top, the dress design for stitching considers your best features and highlights just those so you can put your best foot forward.


A Pair of Jeans


Jeans are hands down a necessity in everyone's closet. Many women have an issue with the fitting as store-bought jeans are made to a standardised size. However, you can always customise your jeans to prevent this issue. For instance, designing a pair of jeans with personalised embroidery and cutting makes it a pair of jeans unique to you.

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Airport Style 5 Chic Airport Style Ideas

5 Chic Airport Style Ideas

Travelling and travel attires have their very own section in every fashion magazine. Hence, if you have a trip planned and are looking for some fantastic looks to sport while waiting for your plane, we've got a bunch of superb airport outfits that are chic, whether for your short-haul flight or a long one. 

We all love strutting down an airport lounge in a stylish athleisure set or a sweatshirt dress matched with cute, chunky sneakers. In any case, while choosing an airport outfit, one will generally zero in on the practicality. Be it a standard athleisure set or a basic set of denim and oversized shirts. 

Without much effort, one can showcase their style statement in the most basic outfits and look fabulous without stewing over the details. However, the way to look the best is to customise your clothes through online tailoring services like CloudTailor, the best tailor in India. Here are some of the chicest airport outfit styling ideas for you: 


Comfort is Key


We all love a loose, oversized hoodie as our comfort clothing. So if you are considering cool airport outfits, how about going for a slightly more elevated version of the same

Match it with the classic pair of plain black leggings, and get the chic, comfy look for your plane ride. You can add an oversized tote bag, fluffy sandals, or chunky white sneakers to accentuate the look. All you need now is to get cosy and read your favourite book while chilling in the airport lounge. 

If you want something classier, grab a matching set of knit sweaters and pants and add a large handbag to carry all your stuff. You can wear cool python-print boots to complete the look and pull the outfit off like a pro. 

Suppose you have trouble finding the outfit or want some customisations to make the look your own. In that case, you can always get it customised through online tailoring services. CloudTailor, the best tailor in India, can be of great help with this. 


Athletic/Sporty Look


This classic off-duty model look works best for an airport outfit. You can get a comfortable tank top, soft woven joggers, and trainers of your choice. Of course, keep a cardigan handy if you find the plane chilly. However, it also adds the perfect touch of cosiness to your sporty look. 

A camouflage sweatshirt and matching pants give off the perfect sporty, cool look. Accessorise with sunglasses and look fabulous as you walk down the plane aisle! 


The Uber-Cool Chic Outfit


Get a t-shirt dress and accentuate the look with platform sliders! This outfit is subtle, low-key, and chic. But, of course, you can always accessorise if you want. We recommend going for hoop earrings that will make you look gorgeous. Some cool printed tote bags ought to level up the chic factor too. 

You have got many alternatives to the above look. For instance, add comfy paper bag pants, a crop top, and fancy sandals. Or, you can wear a blazer over sweatshirts or casual tops and pair them with jogger pants and sneakers to complete the look. 

Or, put on a leather jacket over a knit set, and you will have a rocking chic look. You can always get them custom-made, of course. In addition, there is a myriad of online tailoring services to assist with the same. 


Going Ethnic


There's nothing like Indian wear. There's just one word that defines an ethnic look: grace. Ethnic wear is not only elegant but also exceptionally comfortable, making it to the list of airport looks most endorsed by the mega stars of Bollywood. 

Go for gorgeous bold coloured Kurti sets, matching them with splendidly hued palazzo pants that can never fall short of elegant. Get your favourite designs custom-made just for you through online tailoring services ready to breathe life into your vision. 


Casual and Cool


If you are in the habit of travelling frequently, then a casual outfit should be your staple wardrobe choice. Choose a jet-setter outfit where you will be ready to hop out of the house and into a plane whenever and wherever! 

Get a sweatshirt and match it with a pair of cigarette pants or leggings, cute, chunky trainers and a cool backpack to carry all your stuff. This look gives you the vibe of always ready to travel. Do you need to report to an urgent meeting in another state? No worries, as this look has got you covered. 

Or how about a romper with a hat and sunglasses to make you look island vacation ready? There are numerous options when it comes to chic airport outfits. Go with what feels right, and if you have trouble getting what you envisioned, get them customised from online tailoring services. They are the best tailor in India, ready to help you anytime, anywhere.

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Maternity Looks for Mom Flawless Maternity Looks for Mom-To-Be

Flawless Maternity Looks for Mom To Be

With pregnancy comes the eternal search for outfits which fit you well and look flattering on your changing body. With the news of pregnancy, you try to figure out how to tackle your wardrobe for the next nine months. Your body will constantly change, and your regular clothes won't do. 

The best maternity clothes are certainly not a one-size-fits-all kind of garment. There are many ways of choosing the proper maternity wear, such as obtaining a completely new closet or putting together maternity outfits from what you currently own. However, more than anything, it's a chance to experiment with your outfits and break the expected style rules for pregnant women. 

Whether in your first trimester or third, finding clothing that makes you feel like yourself when you're pregnant is a challenge. You would want something flattering and not one of those overly loose, draping nightgowns people recommend for pregnant women. 

Women already tend to suffer from insecurities about their looks and bodies during pregnancy, so you should opt for clothes which make you feel confident. That is why we've assembled some adorable and comfortable pregnancy outfits to help you through the nine months. 

These maternity garments range from pullovers you can wear to work to charming midi dresses you can wear towards the end of the week. These outfits won't just help you look fantastic but also prioritise your comfort. So try out these outfit ideas with the help of online tailoring businesses and enjoy the growth of your baby bump!


Easy Breezy


When pregnant, body temperatures can be a tricky element to tackle while choosing your outfit of the day. It is common for pregnant women to break out into sweats, even when it's chilly outside. Stick to breathable textures and fabrics that you can layer later if you feel cold. 

You can go for flowy gowns, maxi dresses, dungarees, jumpsuits, oversized t-shirts and silk kaftans. Trust us when we say you will be super comfortable and look effortlessly chic with the help of online tailoring businesses. You know it is a good choice when you recall how many actresses pulled it off like the classy Bollywood divas they are. 

Their maternity fashion is usually full of comfy and elegant clothing, accentuating their impending motherhood and their divine femininity. Make sure all your clothes are as per your requirements and fit you perfectly. Nothing is more flattering than a well-fitting outfit. If you want them a certain way, you can opt for online tailoring services to help bring your vision to life.


Stretchable Fabrics


Whether it's joggers, elastic pants or a set of tights, versatile midriff jeans will keep you looking gorgeous through an enormous part of your pregnancy. This can help you embrace your baby bump more easily, and you can flaunt your upcoming motherhood gleefully! 

You can see many pregnant women choose this look, and rightfully so. Adhering to their fashion and style statement, you can see them in many solid, bold colours and trendy dresses. You can play around with different silhouettes and hues all through your pregnancy. 

You don't need to avoid wearing fitted dresses with your baby bump. Style is about solace; you can achieve that with comfortable midi dresses, coats, and oversized shirt dresses in your maternity closet. 

You can add in many cheerful and sunny shades that immediately get people's attention and help keep your mood bright throughout the day. The best part about these outfits is that you can use them even after the delivery. 


Go Ethnic


Each woman deserves the utmost comfort and warmth while going through the overwhelming experience of pregnancy. However, why stay away from the fun of putting your best foot forward in that bridal shower or wedding party just because you have a baby bump? 

There are many options available for the perfect ethnic wear during your pregnancy. You can go for Anarkali suits, kaftans, sarees, and Kurtis. These outfits look flattering even when you have a baby bump. Switch up your Kurtis and style them with comfy palazzo pants for an elegant mother-to-be look. Palazzos are a go-to for many pregnant women around the world.

The key to getting your perfect pregnancy outfits is to get them tailored online from online tailoring businesses to fit your requirements. You can go for online tailoring services like CloudTailor without worry, as they will deliver your dream maternity outfits to you.  

Ethnic wear is a fan favourite amongst many women, even some of the top Bollywood celebs. During their pregnancy, you can see them in fabulous ethnic wear. However, women often wonder how celebrities manage to look flawless through their pregnancy. 

The secret to looking gorgeous during pregnancy is custom-tailored outfits from online tailoring services. You don't need to wear something over the top. Instead, wear something that fits well and is comfortable for you. 

Another way to level up your maternity looks is by using beautiful accessories. For example, a designed/patterned scarf, bold hoops/earrings, or a structured coat in the season's most smoking colour will rise above all trimesters! 

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience; you should enjoy it to the fullest in outfits that make you feel confident. So enjoy your baby bump and the anticipation of holding your bundle of joy in the most comfortable outfits from CloudTailor.

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Bridesmaid Ultimate Bridesmaids Fashion Guide

Ultimate Bridesmaids Fashion Guide

If you're reading this, it is probably because someone you love and adore is getting married. We know that deciding on your outfit for your sister or BFF's marriage can be daunting. Trust us when we say that we have been there and felt all the anxiety that comes with it. Don't you worry, though, because we're here to help you out with it.

We understand how significant it is for all of you bridesmaids to catch up to the elegance and charm of the bride while simultaneously trying not to outshine her. On top of that, we get that the bride's squad needs to stand out throughout the wedding. Well, to help you look gorgeous, we have curated a list of some looks you can try, get customised ethnic wear for women and look fantastic! 




Since haldi is one of the most fun ceremonies in the entire wedding celebration, you should look gorgeous for it. Bridesmaids meticulously plan their wedding outfits, pairing each customised ethnic wear for women with the right jewellery, shoes, makeup, etc. 

However, the one outfit they procrastinate purchasing until the end is the haldi outfit. Since you're bound to get smeared with lots of haldi during this function, it's obvious that you don't want this outfit to put a dent in your wedding budget. Regardless of that, you want your haldi outfit to look good.

So go for vibrant coloured Anarkali suits or mango coloured maxi dresses. You can also wear a hand-printed style Kurti with matching pants and a dupatta to look your absolute best for your loved one's haldi ceremony. You can also get your outfits tailored according to your needs from the online stitching apps available.

The best colour palette for the haldi ceremony is yellow. Therefore, have fun and play around with different shades of yellow in your outfit. Prevent wearing outfits which are light in colour, because you are bound to have some haldi on you as the bride squad. 



The Mehendi ceremony is not only the bride gearing up for her big occasion but also her bridesmaids having intricately designed Mehendi for the big wedding day! Mehendi is one element that defines an Indian wedding, so your outfit needs to match up to the occasion. Hence, be decked up and ready to amp up your look with stunning Mehendi outfits this season. 

We recommend pastel tones in vibrant outfits like multi-coloured woven detail skirts paired with an off-shoulder organza trail top, going for mustard yellow lehengas or experimenting with other hues like peach, purple, and floral prints. You can also get your outfits customised through the various online stitching apps. 



Sangeet is all about festivity, cherishing familial love, and dancing the night away with your family, friends and loved ones. Therefore, outfits for Sangeet need to be elegant and gorgeous while allowing movement. As you dance the evening away, these outfits would be more effortless to carry. 

There are many options to look fabulous in a Sangeet. We recommend you go for a cut-out chic printed dress or one-shoulder fringe blouse with palazzos or get your kurta pyjama embroidered dhoti style and don a sheer dupatta over it. You can also style up a short kurta with voluminous gharara pants, which look gorgeous when dancing and twirling for your dance routines. 



Though Indian weddings can be tiring and take a toll on you, traditional rituals, getting decked up and gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies are the best. We all love doing that, even if it means you'll have to change your outfit for different functions. 

Of course, we have Mehendi, haldi, and Sangeet, but Roka is an equally important event for an Indian wedding. Roka outfits are gorgeous, from glittering pink lehengas to beige or gold-hued gowns, accentuating your best features. Thus, flaunt your best and turn all the heads for your loved one's Roka celebration.

Bachelor Party


Indian weddings aren't anything if not abundant and vibrantly brilliant. There is a reason they are known as the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The bachelorette party is the prime time to make things unique and personalised as much as possible. So go for personalised shirts and accessories that match the theme of your party. 

Get the outfits custom-made and get them tailored according to your group's theme. From comfy PJs for slumber parties or matching dresses or bridal-themed outfits, the bachelorette gets to be the most fun for your wedding season. 

As the bride bids adieu to singlehood, party the night away in outfits with special meaning for you and your bride. She will definitely cherish a custom-made outfit over one anybody can find in a shop. 

These are all the style tips and trends you want to be aware of to show up as a bridesmaid for your girlfriend's wedding celebration. However, make sure to not fret over the details too much. After all, the priority is to enjoy and celebrate this important day.

Online stitching apps like CloudTailor provide in-app consultations with their designers. Use this feature to spend your time enjoying the day with the bride instead of worrying about the details of your customised ethnic wear for women.


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Monsoon Style How to Slay Your Fashion Game This Monsoon

How to Slay Your Fashion Game This Monsoon

Monsoon is all about bright, happy colours and comfortable clothes. However, even if the loveliness of rain enamours you in monsoon, heading off anywhere doused in the rain isn't tempting to anybody. The rainy season is lovely, but only when you enjoy it from a gallery or your bedroom window.

We all like to put forward our best selves all year round, but monsoon season tends to be challenging to dress up in. However, with frequent downpours, large potholes, and constantly shifting temperatures leaving you feeling sticky from humidity or cold from lower temperatures, one should be somewhat more cautious while dressing up. 

From cotton maxi dresses to capri pants, tank tops to palazzos, women opt for various chic ensembles in cotton from tailoring services during monsoon. Here are some comfortable wardrobe ideas to make your outfit look exceptionally monsoon-ready with the help of women's tailors


Culottes and Kurtis


Ditch conventional salwar and churidars, and instead, pick the culotte to add an edge to your ethnic look. This look is well-known amongst women, matching cotton culottes with a short tunic or A-line Kurtis. Many women's tailors recommend this outfit for casual yet ethnic looks. 

Pick a variety for culotte that contrasts with your Kurti to stick out. You can likewise amp up your style with chikankari kurtas. Cotton is excellent for the monsoon season as they don't trap the moisture and allow it to evaporate in case you get caught without an umbrella by a sudden shower.




Rayon kimono is an excellent choice to turn your style game up a notch. You can find them in brilliant varieties, prints, and designs. It goes well with crop tops, spaghetti tops, and cotton shorts or skirts. 

Carry a green fringe kimono with big paisley or asymmetrical prints over a solid-hued top or slimline t-shirt dress. Remember to finish the look with gladiators.




Monsoon makes for the perfect season to wear a charming rayon romper from your women’s tailor. This style comes with a ton of flexibility, which is what you want in the monsoon season. 

Pin-striped rompers with quarter sleeves, off-shoulder rompers, or ones dotted with a floral print are stylish choices, particularly while it is pouring outside. But, of course, you can always get your rompers designed and customised based on your preferences from various tailoring services like CloudTailor


Camisole Tops


What about pairing a cotton or linen camisole with classic denim? You can never go wrong with this classic combo. You can pair it up with shirts and coats and balance the look with high-waist straight pants or knee-length skirts. 

We encourage you to try these tops in various fabrics till you find the one you feel most comfortable with. Suppose you wish your outfit represents your vision to show off your style quotient. It would be best if you opted for online tailoring services to help you bring your vision to life. 


Things to Keep in Mind During the Monsoon Season


  • Keep your outfits simple but stylish during the monsoon. There are days when we would not like to dress up as much because of the fear of heavy rains ruining our outfits. 

However, we also don't want to look like we didn't put in any effort. For such a day, a floral or a printed light material maxi dress is a great choice. Wear it with a pair of trendy hoops and a cute sling bag that gives you a flawless look. 

  • Style is very personal and subjective, and monsoon season is about personal style and comfort. Nobody wants to be caught in the rain in an outfit which does not make them feel comfortable. 

However, a shirt dress is perfect for this monsoon season. Just pair it with sandals, and you are good to go. You can also carry a mini backpack to finish the outfit. Don't forget to stuff a foldable umbrella into that mini backpack!


  • If you want to leave behind the basics and go for more funky styles, a bright-coloured tank top or a splendid crop top with shorts makes a comfortable option in the monsoon season. Pair it with bright coloured flip-flops, and you are monsoon-ready.


  • An off-shoulder top with denim pants and a sling bag will give you a stylish yet not overly dressed look. 


  • Say no to white in monsoons because they might get ruined in the rain. There is also the issue of them turning translucent when it gets soaked. Hence, avoid white in the rainy season.


  • Playsuits are pretty popular now. Style them with accessories like a cute sling bag and bangles, and you will have the trendy monsoon feel.


  • Avoid wearing anything too flowy as they will be restrictive while out and about in the rain. Flowy outfits are gorgeous, but the monsoon season is not the time to play around with them. Instead, go for minimally flowy outfits to avoid getting your outfits wet in the rain.
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Colours For Your Wardrobe Top 5 Colours to Always Have in Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Colours to Always Have in Your Wardrobe

The colours that suit your body structure should be one of your top priorities when keeping up with fashion. A dress might look better in particular hues, and some can even be more inviting. As the years go by, some colours dominate the trend more than others.

While classic shades like black, white, and blue will hold a special place in fashion, certain vibrant hues significantly influence the fashion world. Moreover, colour can reveal a lot about you and even stimulate specific emotions in others. Therefore, it is essential to select a colour palette for your wardrobe.


Create Your Wardrobe Colour Theme


Building your wardrobe around cool shades like white, blue, grey, and black or warm hues like coral, ivory and crimson is beneficial. Alternately, you may combine all primary colours to produce a simple colour scheme. 

Choose your colours and get the clothing pieces and whip up something gorgeous. You can get your outfits custom-tailored locally or use custom tailoring online services like CloudTailor. If you enjoy colour, you can also aim to categorise various colours, such as bright hues, to complement one another. 


Colours You Should Have in Your Wardrobe




Black indeed goes with everything, so you don't need to be worried about whether your outfit works. For the most part, you can never go wrong with a black statement piece. 

When you need to look good but do not have the time, wearing black attire can be helpful. A solid black top with a round neck or a v-neck will make you look chic with minimal effort put into the outfit and pairing it with the right jewellery.

You can use black organza or chiffon to get a fantastic black shrug custom-tailored from a custom tailoring online service which you can slip on over camisoles or spaghetti tops. 

A solid black boat neck or high-neck Kurti will turn heads wherever you go. If you are getting help from a custom tailor or a custom tailor app, ask them to experiment with the necklines by using mirror work or embroidery.




A pale cream colour, an off-tan tint, or an incredibly light yellowish-brown colour are all ways to characterise beige. A lovely, well-tailored beige jacket can make a plain dress more elegant. 

Coupled with a light-coloured T-shirt or top in the summertime, they make you seem stylish. Likewise, they can offer warmth and elegance in winter when paired with dark-toned sweaters or knits.

You should own a well-fitted pair of beige trousers or formal Cuban pants. Get them custom-tailored from custom tailoring online services for the perfect fit and design. Try not to add belt hoops to dressy pants. Instead, ask your tailor to put buttons inside.




This colour was named Pantone's colour of the year in 2019, and it is still going strong. The colour itself is exciting and brilliant while also being soothing and enticing. It can impart a sense of comfort and joy. It is between pink and orange in colour and has a gold undertone. 

This gold undertone makes it the best colour choice for beautiful lehengas, long skirts and crop tops. Imagine how good a coral off-shoulder crop top would look on you on a pleasant summer day. Get it custom tailored however you want with a custom tailor app. 

Floral boho-style maxi dresses in coral are just going to look exquisite. Pair it with the right jewellery and sandals, and you have a masterpiece! Get a flared long skirt custom-tailored out of coral-coloured Chanderi or zari cloth material and change the fashion game in traditional events. This colour will enhance your skin tone and make you stand out amongst the crowd.




Blue is a colour that will never go out of style. And the number of shades you can work with when it comes to blue is mindblowing. Combine tweed with linen, silk and cashmere, and denim with silk. You can't stop experimenting with new and fascinating ways to wear blue. 

The choices are immense, from jumpsuits to tailored suits and dresses to jean shorts. Baby blue formal pants, blazers or tops can give the most visually pleasing business casual look. You will turn heads and get compliments with this aesthetic look. 

Go for peacock blue or teal colour for traditional wear. You can get them custom-tailored from a custom tailor app from Banarasi or georgette cloth material. You can pair it with oxidised jewellery and pretty heels to complete your look. 




An all-white outfit is an ideal way to appreciate spring and early summer's enthusiasm, heat, and brightness and the comforting, fire-lit nights of fall and winter. You can wear your bright whites or switch to something more balanced with off-whites and creams.

A white ballerina dress or midi dress is the ultimate pick for any occasion, from a summer formal dinner to a stroll in the park, thanks to its simplicity and elegance. When everyone else is wearing pants, a simple skirt is a fantastic option for those who prefer skirts and dresses. Thanks to the skater skirt and cotton fabric, you can maintain your casual look while still dressing the way you like it.

Analyse the shades that you naturally choose over others as a first step. Next, check your clothes to see if there are any colours you seem to wear frequently and note them down. Sometimes, the colour or pattern you like doesn't quite go with the general colour theme. 

Also, consider the prints and textures you would like in your clothing. Of course, solids are the most versatile, but combining designs and textures can add intrigue to your outfit. Styling your clothes would be much simpler if you could find prints that go well together.

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Office Fashion Back to Office Fashion Must-Haves

Back to Office Fashion Must-Haves

Some of us have started returning to the workplace after spending the previous two hectic years working from home. As a result, the shorts and oversized T-shirts we've been living in must make way for a refreshed, chic look that is fashionable yet casual. 

Although most have undoubtedly eased their dress codes, it is now essential to adjust them for your daily encounters at work. Nobody can tell if you're wearing your sweats or exercise gear at home if you slip on a jacket or cardigan to look nice for a video conference. However, being comfy rather than looking sharp has become the guiding principle of a post-pandemic fashion.


Post-Pandemic Workwear Evolution 


Post-pandemic fashion has become all about repurposing the old. Things are no longer just about making Zoom calls or Teams meetings and wearing only a portion of your best clothes and accessories. You should now invest in some dressy but comfy pants for the workplace. For the most refined fit, tailor clothes using bespoke tailoring services like CloudTailor.

A great deal has changed in the past two years, from your physical traits in certain situations to worldwide trends, office structures, and work shift patterns. Be sure to re-evaluate your pre-pandemic clothing. If the clothing doesn't fit you properly, see if there is room to alter it. Don't fit yourself in those old clothes just because you already have them.

Before the pandemic, employers expected their employees to wear more formal attire than business casual attire. Therefore, the new dress code is to dress as required, which permits employees to dress casually on most days. Polo shirts, sports shoes, and jeans are all acceptable. Nevertheless, you may need more professional attire for client meetings or other assignments.


Top Trends in Current Workwear Fashion


In today's work environment, women choose clothing based on style and comfort. Compared to poorly dressed employees, fashionable and well-dressed employees are taken more seriously.

It's crucial to acknowledge the distinctive tastes of Indian ladies. And bespoke tailoring services like CloudTailor are well aware of this. You must have noticed a shift from traditional to western as more and more women entered the corporate workplace. The benefit of living in India is that ladies have more wardrobe options when getting ready for work. 

Indo-western and casual formals are the way to go now. But getting exactly what you want in your attire can be difficult. Unique prints, cuts and fittings are usually hard to find in online stores and local markets as they cater more to a general trend than your interests. Custom or bespoke tailoring can be helpful here as you can provide your exact measurements, preferences and style choices to the tailor.


Traditional Formal Wear


The Iconic Saree


Sarees are a quintessential Indian outfit that people often consider appropriate business attire. However, making excellent Indian formal wear for the office also means choosing comfortable textiles like silk cotton, Chanderis, and Kota silk. In addition, you can custom-tailor beautiful blouses to match your saree precisely.


Classy Salwar Suits


Salwar sets are comfy clothing that aid in giving women a formal appearance. The two-piece suit is typically preferred because a wide variety of lovely colour and pattern combinations may be made by mixing and matching different pieces. 

Avoid vibrant colours or fancy motifs when selecting salwar sets for work. Instead, opt for softer solid colours and simple yet attractive motifs to create a tidy, streamlined appearance for any formal occasion. Moreover, women typically choose salwar tops that are at least knee-length and made of soft material for formal attire for the workplace.


Smart Kurtis


People often wear their Kurti with leggings, pants, trousers, and casual pants, giving girls and older women a professional appearance. However, you may tailor clothes constructed from a thin, breathable cotton material that allows easy movement.


Western Formal Wear


Nowadays, women like investing in a fantastic suit in a neutral shade. Both skirt and pant suits are fine as long as they fit perfectly. Getting it custom tailored is always the best choice as it might not fit exactly right when bought off the shelf.


Solid Shirt and Pants 


This is one way to incorporate the western formal look into your closet. This enduring piece of work attire is the epitome of the adage minimalistic, and it continues to be effective today. Furthermore, the traditional shirt and trouser pair are fantastic for individuals eager to try a western formal look for the first time. 


Formal Tops and Blouses


Formal tops play a significant role in women's western formal attire. Formal tops complement any woman's collection who has fewer options for their formal attire. Blouses are appropriate for everyday office wear and can give off a demure, smart-casual appearance. 

When choosing a dressy top, go for neutral tones, pastel hues, and tops with round necklines or collars. Tailor clothes to your design and fit requirements and pair them with the perfect pants.


Professional Dresses

These dresses are yet another excellent addition to your collection of western formal wear because they instantly transform you into your most self-assured self. Consider neutral hues like beige, white, pale lavender, off-white, brown, or deeper colour combinations like crimson, black, dark brown, taupe, mauves and more.


Don't Forget to Accessorise!


Your outfit will never be complete if you don't use the proper accessories with Indian formal clothing. Try wearing simple jewellery, purses, and cosy shoes that are ergonomically created with a straightforward design and small heel to offer optimal convenience and grace to your attire. 

Add accessories to your western formal attire that elevate the look of your formal attire. For instance, select closed-toe footwear over open sandals when selecting footwear for formal western attire. Also, it would be best if you chose heels with a heel height that is convenient for you to walk in and colours that go with the shade and style of your clothing.

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Upcycle Upcycle Your Clothes: Old to New

Upcycle Your Clothes: Old to New

Although the term "upcycling" was first used in the nineties, the technique has been popular in India for much longer. Most of us witnessed our moms repurpose old sarees into brand-new clothing. They made it into kid's holiday attire, baby footie pyjamas, seat cushions, and occasionally drapes. 

Most women are experts at minimising trash, and repurposing old sarees is advantageous for both the environment and the purse. So the newest trend is saree recycling. It enables you to quickly develop inventive and creative ways to repurpose your or your mother's old sarees. 

You can make some fantastic garments and accessories using this. All you need to get started are a spark of creativity and patience. Then, you can take the help of custom tailoring online services or online tailor apps like CloudTailor.


One Saree, Many Outfits


Your outfit can instantly become unique and trendy by giving your old saree a little tweak. If you're pondering how to recycle old sarees, the key is to pick styles that you can quickly alter to make a stylish look. 

For example, you can repurpose your Chiffon, Organza, and Net sarees into gorgeous anarkalis, ethnic dresses, and Kurtis. Reusing sarees is not only economical but is also a creative outlet. Many designers have expressed interest in creating saree dresses, as they are currently in style.

Design Pretty Dresses from Old Sarees


Using your sarees, you can create customised dresses or simple, long Kurtis for daily wear. Use your imagination while creating your outfit. Consider including additional accessories, embroidered fabric, or other embellishments to enhance the beauty of the Saree-Kurti theme.

In addition to being stunning, maxi dresses and Anarkali gowns have a flattering fit for all body types. Therefore, you could get the most beautiful outfits repurposed from your old sarees. Experiment with attractive necklines and back cuts to get that fantastic creation which makes you happy and confident when you put it on.


Customise that Kurti You Always Wanted


You can reuse old sarees made of cotton, georgette, or silk to make a variety of Kurtis. You can create the sleeves cold shoulder style and add mirrors or sequins to the neck or back cutout area to align the Kurti with current fashion trends. 

Kurtis with a front slit goes well with long skirts, tights, denim, and palazzos. These Kurtis have a front slit that extends from the navel to the bottom. For events like weddings and celebrations, floor-length Kurtis are ideal. You can get these designs custom-tailored with online tailor apps.

Amazing Kaftan Fits


Whatever you choose to call it, a kaftan Kurti or the newest cape-style Kurti, the design looks terrific. Moreover, it is simple to make these Kurtis using an old saree. For instance, you can make summer-appropriate loose kaftan-style Kurtis using chiffon sarees. To make Kurtis in the kaftan style, you can choose sarees with geometric prints, quirky prints, halftones, or floral motifs.

Customise Tops and Shirts with Beautiful Prints


Pick out your or your mom's old sarees and plan out unique top designs like puffed sleeve tops, peplum tops, crop tops etc. You can also customise the saree into Kurti shirts, shirt dresses, casual shirts and more. 

Choose sequential patterns and minimal prints to get a smart look after you get it tailored. Experiment with sleeves, collar and neck designs. You can also tell your tailor from custom tailoring online services to match borders and embroideries with your jewellery collection.

Convert Your Sarees to Lehengas


You can also tailor a beautiful lehenga or half-saree from a saree. You can use the edges for the blouse and dupatta once the tailor has cut the ensemble for tailoring. You can add rhinestones, statement pieces, or embellishments to draw everyone's attention. 

Utilising contrasting colours in your design will boost your style quotient. This is also a fantastic approach to altering the saree's appearance while maintaining its appeal and elegance. Suppose there is any excess fabric after using the saree for the lehenga. In that case, you can also make the dupatta from it.

Skirts and Palazzos


Making skirts out of gorgeous sarees is probably the simplest way to refresh them while keeping all of their aesthetic qualities. Although short skirts from sarees are equally appealing, flowing long skirts are usually preferred. You can utilise silk sarees to create some gorgeous ethnic skirts. 

But, you can also use sarees to make some adorable short skirts. You can also create palazzo pants or regular pants from your old sarees. Palazzo pants look lovely when the sarees used for them have zari borders.

You now realise what to do if someone in your home wishes to discard all of their old sarees in the future. First, grab hold of them and custom-tailor fantastic clothing items from them using an online tailor app. 

Then, inform your tailor from custom tailoring online services exactly what you want to create to get that perfect piece of clothing for yourself. The idea of recycling the old sarees lying at the back of your wardrobe will get your imagination flowing while also assisting you in creating artistic designs. All you need is patience, time, custom tailoring aid, and a closet to raid.

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  • Don’t know your size? We have Doorstep Measurement Service.
  • Don’t know what style? Just Video-call our Experienced Designers.
  • Need your outfit on time? You can see the Progress Live on Your App and we will deliver on the day promised to you.
  • Too lazy to get out of home? We have Doorstep Pickup and Drop
  • Don’t have a fabric and can’t step out? Buy beautiful fabrics Online from our marketplace and deliver the fabric directly to our Fashion Centres.
  • Doesn’t fit? Get Lifetime Free Alterations, for any number of times.
  • Wan't something urgently? Use our “Ready to Fit” option.
Any Style. Any Body. Any Choice.

Your readymade outfit may fit on the thighs but not on the waist, may fit your body but be tight on the sleeves, maybe too long or an inch short, maybe you’d prefer a different colour. Cloudtailor’s online tailoring services will stitch anything you need, in your size.

Our Top Custom Clothing Categories

Abaya : Traditionally, Abayas are black, however, women wear different colours to express themselves fashionably. Since the Abaya is the only garment seen on those that wear it, with time, it has evolved to make a fashion statement for women. Cloudtailor can adorn your Abayas with beautiful embellishments and craft them into many different designs.

Blouse : Earlier, the blouse was made from the same fabric as the sari. Many sarees came with the excess fabric at the end so that it could be cut off and made into a matching choli. In the modern times, designers have reimagined the blouse. With Cloudtailor’s online tailoring service, you can get innovative necklines, sleeve styles, embroidery, sequins etc. and turn your blouse into a designer masterpiece.

Churidar : For the perfect Churidar, the stretch of the material is crucial as they are tight fitted. Cloudtailor understands this and much more about the churidar. Choose our online tailoring services to get the churidar that fits you perfectly and still keeps it easy for you to bend the legs.

Gown : Gowns can be customised to different occasions and have been assigned different names as per its function.

Evening Gown : An evening gown, evening dress or gown is a long dress usually worn by women for formal occasions. Evening gowns are usually made of luxurious fabrics such as velvet, chiffon, satin, organza or silk.

Wedding Gowns : A wedding dress or bridal gown, as you might know, is the dress worn by the bride for her wedding. It’s one of the most precious pieces of clothing worn by a woman in her lifetime and she puts in a lot of effort to make it perfect.

Each gown can be customised and stitched by your online tailor, Cloudtailor, in your style and size.

Jackets : A Jacket can be the most versatile pairing garment in a woman’s wardrobe. It goes with dresses, lehengas or formal pants. Jackets are worn to make a fashion statement, or to protect from the wind and cold. Get jackets customised to pair with different outfits, stitched as per your size, from Cloudtailor - every woman’s online tailor.

Jumpsuits : A jumpsuit is a versatile garment that can be worn for parties, picnic, playdates, office or travel. Based on the occasion, the fabric, design and colours can be customised and stitched as per your body size by Cloudtailor’s hassle-free online tailoring services.

Kurta/Kurti : Today, there are no set rules for a kurta or kurti. This versatile garment can be paired with salwars, churidars, skirts, ghagras, shorts or jeans. The kurta is sometimes worn as a skirt, clinched at the hip with a belt to add structure. Your Kurta style can be customised and stitched by Cloudtailor to fit your body perfectly. You can also twin with your little one by wearing the same style of kurtas. Twinning creates a solid bonding moment with your little girl and a great photo opportunity for everlasting memories.

Lehenga : Every woman has a lehenga-choli in her wardrobe. Each region in India has its own traditional rendition of the lehenga and can be distinguished by patterns and styles of traditional embroidery. Get the lehenga you want, customised, stitched, embellished and home-delivered, from Cloudtailor. Our online designers will help you customize your design over detailed video calls. We guarantee a great fit and offer Lifetime Free Alterations.

Pants and Trousers : Fit is everything when it comes to choosing the right pants. Get the pants customised to your length and size that fits your waist, hips and thighs perfectly. No more compromises.

Your pants can be made from different materials - such as denim jeans, corduroy pants, or synthetic materials like polyester and lycra. They come in different styles - High-waist, Dress pants, Jeans, Overalls or Jumpsuits, Culottes; Harem pants; Baggy pants; Bell Bottoms/ Flared pants.

Salwar Kameez : Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta - there’s no place you can’t go after wearing this combination. It is another staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Office, weddings, outings, temples, parties, a salwar-kurta fits into any occasion. Get all your salwar-kameez sets stitched by Cloudtailor - every woman’s online tailor.

About Cloudtailor

Cloudtailor has worked hard on solving every problem that women face with readymade garments and tailors. We can design and stitch any outfit you need. We have onboarded the best and highly experienced tailors and designers into our fulfilment centres. All our employees are vaccinated and operate out of sanisited and healthy service centres.

We will strive to continuously reimagine and offer the best online tailoring services and curated multi-format digital experiences for custom-fit clothing to all women across the globe, at an affordable cost, with skilled quality and in the promised delivery time. Cloudtailor aspires to be every woman’s tailor that offers the best custom clothing solutions in India.