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Women's Pants: The Complete Guide

Undoubtedly, the best invention is a pair of women's pants. Why do boys take such joy in dressing comfortably? Women also must enjoy donning trousers for casual or fancy occasions. You can often see men wearing different types of pants and trousers. 

However, as fashion emerges, women are fortunate to have a vast range of dresses like dungarees, t-shirts, trousers or pants. For many years, only men were allowed to wear pants. However, now that the times have changed, women have progressed to the point where they can think beyond sarees and kurtis.

The internet is full of women's pants, but it isn't easy to pick a specific one. There are so many questions regarding size and fabrics raised in your mind. What if you spent a thousand rupees on a pair of pants? 

Unfortunately, it didn't come up to your expectations. You feel terrible, right? To avoid such circumstances, this article will guide you in picking up comfy pants for you. So stay tuned till the end.

High waisted pants

A lot of women carry stylish pants with shirts and tees. The reason is its structure. You will look professional after wearing this. It is best if you have long, lean legs. Due to its straight style, you look tall and slim. For a petite one, don't worry. You can also flaunt yourself in these high-waisted trousers. 

Tuck your tops and shirts inside the pants to create a taller illusion. You can pick black, brown, and dark blue pants and pair them with printed shirts, white shirts, tees, and a jacket or blazer. Puffed sleeve tops or shirts, bell sleeve blouses and wrap tops, etc., are some excellent options to carry out high-waisted pants. 

Straight cut pants

These pants are straight and slightly loose from the waist to the ankle. You can wear these pants at your workplace, business meetings or brunch with your colleagues. Pair it with a half shirt, tees, half-sleeve linen shirts and tops. 

You can always carry a jacket and blazer to appear more professional. Add simple accessories like earrings and a simple pendant. As the pants are straight up to the ankle, avoid wearing flats unless you are tall. Go for wedges or pump shoes to give yourself a taller appearance. 

Cargo Pants 

Do you want to look casual as well as stylish? Then, cargo pants are the ones you need. These pants look like military pants as well. The excellent point of these pants is that they have a lot of pockets; two on your side, two big pockets on the side of each thigh and one pocket at the back. 

Most ladies prefer to wear these pants during travel because of their comfort. And for those who have thick thighs, these pants are a perfect solution. Wear it with a tee, crop printed shirts or boat neck tops. 

Bell Bottom trousers

These 70s beauties are the best for everyday outings. You can carry these with fitted sleeveless tops, bell sleeves tops, or boxy crop tops, along with a leather jacket is a deadly combo. It was in the 70s when these pants were popular, and they still maintained their essence among women. And why not? Once you start wearing these pants, you will never prefer to wear tight skinny jeans.

How to choose pants according to your body shape

Picking pants according to body size is essential. Regarding body size, it includes your height, the width of your lower body, and a suitable fabric that suits your body. We can understand your problem, so we have a solution to it. 

Choose an online tailoring service where you can order personalised clothes from the comfort of your couch. Be it pants, jeans, shirts, or traditional dresses. You can customise it according to yourself. 

On CloudTailor, you will get various types of pants for women of exact sizes. All you need is to provide your correct measurements, details, the colour of the cloth and the kind of material. This way, you can avoid all the common upcoming problems. Here are some tips for picking pants that fit your body.

Short height: For these heights of people, you must avoid mid-rise pants. These kinds of pants are straight, but they start below the navel and reach the ankle. You already have a short lower body, and wearing mid-rise pants will make you look smaller. Therefore, always go for high-waisted pants, high waisted bell bottoms. Because high-waisted can create an illusion which makes you look taller.

Tall height: If you are a taller person, you are lucky. You can wear any pair of pants. As you have long legs, skinny straight pants or cigarette pants will look good on you. If you have slim legs, go for palazzo pants or wider-leg pants because they will make your legs more voluminous. 

Rectangular shape: This kind of body size has equal proportions. For this, you can choose wide palazzo pants, wide-leg pants, high waisted pants to give more attention to your lower torso. In addition, you can pair it with cold shoulder, bell sleeves, loose fitted shirts, oversized shirts and tees. 

Apple shape: In this body type, the chest and shoulder are broader than your lower body. It means you need to choose pants which highlight the lower torso. For example, you can go for high-waisted straight-cut pants or cigarette pants.

Pear shape: This body type is the opposite of the apple shape. In this body type, the lower profile of the body is heavier than the upper torso. Therefore, you need to wear pants that should not be skinny and tight to the thighs. Straight-cut pants, jogger pants, cargo pants, and boot-cut pants are some ideal options for your body shape.

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