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Ultimate Bridesmaids Fashion Guide

Ultimate Bridesmaids Fashion Guide

If you're reading this, it is probably because someone you love and adore is getting married. We know that deciding on your outfit for your sister or BFF's marriage can be daunting. Trust us when we say that we have been there and felt all the anxiety that comes with it. Don't you worry, though, because we're here to help you out with it.

We understand how significant it is for all of you bridesmaids to catch up to the elegance and charm of the bride while simultaneously trying not to outshine her. On top of that, we get that the bride's squad needs to stand out throughout the wedding. Well, to help you look gorgeous, we have curated a list of some looks you can try, get customised ethnic wear for women and look fantastic! 


Since haldi is one of the most fun ceremonies in the entire wedding celebration, you should look gorgeous for it. Bridesmaids meticulously plan their wedding outfits, pairing each customised ethnic wear for women with the right jewellery, shoes, makeup, etc. 

However, the one outfit they procrastinate purchasing until the end is the haldi outfit. Since you're bound to get smeared with lots of haldi during this function, it's obvious that you don't want this outfit to put a dent in your wedding budget. Regardless of that, you want your haldi outfit to look good.

So go for vibrant coloured Anarkali suits or mango coloured maxi dresses. You can also wear a hand-printed style Kurti with matching pants and a dupatta to look your absolute best for your loved one's haldi ceremony. You can also get your outfits tailored according to your needs from the online stitching apps available.

The best colour palette for the haldi ceremony is yellow. Therefore, have fun and play around with different shades of yellow in your outfit. Prevent wearing outfits which are light in colour, because you are bound to have some haldi on you as the bride squad. 


The Mehendi ceremony is not only the bride gearing up for her big occasion but also her bridesmaids having intricately designed Mehendi for the big wedding day! Mehendi is one element that defines an Indian wedding, so your outfit needs to match up to the occasion. Hence, be decked up and ready to amp up your look with stunning Mehendi outfits this season. 

We recommend pastel tones in vibrant outfits like multi-coloured woven detail skirts paired with an off-shoulder organza trail top, going for mustard yellow lehengas or experimenting with other hues like peach, purple, and floral prints. You can also get your outfits customised through the various online stitching apps. 


Sangeet is all about festivity, cherishing familial love, and dancing the night away with your family, friends and loved ones. Therefore, outfits for Sangeet need to be elegant and gorgeous while allowing movement. As you dance the evening away, these outfits would be more effortless to carry. 

There are many options to look fabulous in a Sangeet. We recommend you go for a cut-out chic printed dress or one-shoulder fringe blouse with palazzos or get your kurta pyjama embroidered dhoti style and don a sheer dupatta over it. You can also style up a short kurta with voluminous gharara pants, which look gorgeous when dancing and twirling for your dance routines. 


Though Indian weddings can be tiring and take a toll on you, traditional rituals, getting decked up and gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies are the best. We all love doing that, even if it means you'll have to change your outfit for different functions. 

Of course, we have Mehendi, haldi, and Sangeet, but Roka is an equally important event for an Indian wedding. Roka outfits are gorgeous, from glittering pink lehengas to beige or gold-hued gowns, accentuating your best features. Thus, flaunt your best and turn all the heads for your loved one's Roka celebration.

Bachelor Party

Indian weddings aren't anything if not abundant and vibrantly brilliant. There is a reason they are known as the Big Fat Indian Wedding. The bachelorette party is the prime time to make things unique and personalised as much as possible. So go for personalised shirts and accessories that match the theme of your party. 

Get the outfits custom-made and get them tailored according to your group's theme. From comfy PJs for slumber parties or matching dresses or bridal-themed outfits, the bachelorette gets to be the most fun for your wedding season. 

As the bride bids adieu to singlehood, party the night away in outfits with special meaning for you and your bride. She will definitely cherish a custom-made outfit over one anybody can find in a shop. 

These are all the style tips and trends you want to be aware of to show up as a bridesmaid for your girlfriend's wedding celebration. However, make sure to not fret over the details too much. After all, the priority is to enjoy and celebrate this important day.

Online stitching apps like CloudTailor provide in-app consultations with their designers. Use this feature to spend your time enjoying the day with the bride instead of worrying about the details of your customised ethnic wear for women.


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