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Back to Office Fashion Must-Haves

Back to Office Fashion Must-Haves

Some of us have started returning to the workplace after spending the previous two hectic years working from home. As a result, the shorts and oversized T-shirts we've been living in must make way for a refreshed, chic look that is fashionable yet casual. 

Although most have undoubtedly eased their dress codes, it is now essential to adjust them for your daily encounters at work. Nobody can tell if you're wearing your sweats or exercise gear at home if you slip on a jacket or cardigan to look nice for a video conference. However, being comfy rather than looking sharp has become the guiding principle of a post-pandemic fashion.

Post-Pandemic Workwear Evolution 

Post-pandemic fashion has become all about repurposing the old. Things are no longer just about making Zoom calls or Teams meetings and wearing only a portion of your best clothes and accessories. You should now invest in some dressy but comfy pants for the workplace. For the most refined fit, tailor clothes using bespoke tailoring services like CloudTailor.

A great deal has changed in the past two years, from your physical traits in certain situations to worldwide trends, office structures, and work shift patterns. Be sure to re-evaluate your pre-pandemic clothing. If the clothing doesn't fit you properly, see if there is room to alter it. Don't fit yourself in those old clothes just because you already have them.

Before the pandemic, employers expected their employees to wear more formal attire than business casual attire. Therefore, the new dress code is to dress as required, which permits employees to dress casually on most days. Polo shirts, sports shoes, and jeans are all acceptable. Nevertheless, you may need more professional attire for client meetings or other assignments.

Top Trends in Current Workwear Fashion

In today's work environment, women choose clothing based on style and comfort. Compared to poorly dressed employees, fashionable and well-dressed employees are taken more seriously.

It's crucial to acknowledge the distinctive tastes of Indian ladies. And bespoke tailoring services like CloudTailor are well aware of this. You must have noticed a shift from traditional to western as more and more women entered the corporate workplace. The benefit of living in India is that ladies have more wardrobe options when getting ready for work. 

Indo-western and casual formals are the way to go now. But getting exactly what you want in your attire can be difficult. Unique prints, cuts and fittings are usually hard to find in online stores and local markets as they cater more to a general trend than your interests. Custom or bespoke tailoring can be helpful here as you can provide your exact measurements, preferences and style choices to the tailor.

Traditional Formal Wear


The Iconic Saree

Sarees are a quintessential Indian outfit that people often consider appropriate business attire. However, making excellent Indian formal wear for the office also means choosing comfortable textiles like silk cotton, Chanderis, and Kota silk. In addition, you can custom-tailor beautiful blouses to match your saree precisely.

Classy Salwar Suits

Salwar sets are comfy clothing that aid in giving women a formal appearance. The two-piece suit is typically preferred because a wide variety of lovely colour and pattern combinations may be made by mixing and matching different pieces. 

Avoid vibrant colours or fancy motifs when selecting salwar sets for work. Instead, opt for softer solid colours and simple yet attractive motifs to create a tidy, streamlined appearance for any formal occasion. Moreover, women typically choose salwar tops that are at least knee-length and made of soft material for formal attire for the workplace.

Smart Kurtis

People often wear their Kurti with leggings, pants, trousers, and casual pants, giving girls and older women a professional appearance. However, you may tailor clothes constructed from a thin, breathable cotton material that allows easy movement.

Western Formal Wear

Nowadays, women like investing in a fantastic suit in a neutral shade. Both skirt and pant suits are fine as long as they fit perfectly. Getting it custom tailored is always the best choice as it might not fit exactly right when bought off the shelf.

Solid Shirt and Pants 

This is one way to incorporate the western formal look into your closet. This enduring piece of work attire is the epitome of the adage minimalistic, and it continues to be effective today. Furthermore, the traditional shirt and trouser pair are fantastic for individuals eager to try a western formal look for the first time. 

Formal Tops and Blouses

Formal tops play a significant role in women's western formal attire. Formal tops complement any woman's collection who has fewer options for their formal attire. Blouses are appropriate for everyday office wear and can give off a demure, smart-casual appearance. 

When choosing a dressy top, go for neutral tones, pastel hues, and tops with round necklines or collars. Tailor clothes to your design and fit requirements and pair them with the perfect pants.

Professional Dresses

These dresses are yet another excellent addition to your collection of western formal wear because they instantly transform you into your most self-assured self. Consider neutral hues like beige, white, pale lavender, off-white, brown, or deeper colour combinations like crimson, black, dark brown, taupe, mauves and more.

Don't Forget to Accessorise!

Your outfit will never be complete if you don't use the proper accessories with Indian formal clothing. Try wearing simple jewellery, purses, and cosy shoes that are ergonomically created with a straightforward design and small heel to offer optimal convenience and grace to your attire. 

Add accessories to your western formal attire that elevate the look of your formal attire. For instance, select closed-toe footwear over open sandals when selecting footwear for formal western attire. Also, it would be best if you chose heels with a heel height that is convenient for you to walk in and colours that go with the shade and style of your clothing.

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